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Samuel P. Capen

A photograph of Samuel P. Capen, circa 1940

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Samuel P. Capen, circa 1940

October 28, 2022, marks the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of Samuel P. Capen as the first full-time chancellor of UB.  Capen's inauguration was a turning point in the history of the university.  An expert on higher education, his administrative policies and educational philosophies transformed UB from a group of semi-autonomous professional schools into a modern university.  The changes that took place during his tenure as chancellor laid the foundation for what the University at Buffalo has become today.**

The Samuel P. Capen research guide seeks to provide historical context to this pivotal time in the history of the University at Buffalo and will assist those who would like to perform further research on the topic.

Throughout the guide, direct quotes from Samuel P. Capen can be found in bold type.

**Two notes on terminology:

  1. From the founding of UB In 1846 through 1962, the chief administrative officer of the University of Buffalo was given the title of Chancellor.  When the University of Buffalo joined the State University of New York in 1962, that title changed to President.
  2. The name of the university also changed in 1962.  Throughout the remainder of this guide, the historically accurate "University of Buffalo" is used.