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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022 5:30 PM

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This database is freely available to the general public via the Internet.

Description is the official source for federal legislative information. It replaces which is nearly 20 years old. Until is retired at the end of 2014, information from that database will be transferred to gradually.

Information in includes bills, the Congressional Record proceedings and debates of Congress, Congressional reports, legislative histories, and public laws. Most data published since 1989 are full text. Earlier resources are only cited.

Special features pertain to each chamber.

House of Representatives

  • Calendars
  • Floor activities
  • Videos and schedules of committee hearings


  • Calendars and Executive Calendars
  • Floor activities
  • Roll calls
  • Hearings schedule

Online Help

Access three Web sites that describe a search overview, refining searches, and coverage dates for legislative information.

View nine brief videos that describe the legislative process

  1. Overview of the Legislative Process
  2. Introduction and Referral of Bills
  3. Committee Consideration
  4. Calendars and Scheduling
  5. House Floor 
  6. Senate Floor
  7. Executive Business in the Senate
  8. Resolving Differences
  9. Presidential Actions

Dates Covered

  • Summaries and status of bills. (93rd Congress to date, 1973+).
  • Full texts of bills. (101st Congress to date, 1989+).
  • Congressional Record (104th Congress to date, 1995+).
  • Roll Call Votes (101st Congress to date, 1989+).
  • Committee Reports (104th Congress to date, 1995+).
  • Public Laws (103rd Congress to date, 1993+)

Print Counterpart

Bills (US MicFiche Y 1.4/?, 96th-106th Congresses, 1979-2000)

Congressional Record and Congressional Record Index 
Lockwood Library documents collection ( US X 1.1: (cong.) / (sess.), Volumes prior to v.133 have call number X.(cong)/(sess), 1873+).

Committee reports 
House Reports: Capen Media Center Micfiche US Y1.1/8:(1979+)
Senate Reports: Capen Media Center Micfiche US Y1.1/5:(1979+)

Public Laws
United States Statutes at Large (U.S. GS4.111: (1824-1983 with gaps)
Law Library Federal Core Collection (complete series)

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