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Digital Explorer: About

The podcast where we talk digital scholarship and about our relationship with computers and the internet. Hosted by Digital Scholarship Librarian Natalia Estrada
Last Updated: Mar 3, 2022 3:12 PM

Digital Explorer


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Do you remember the first time with a computer? Your first time "surfing the web"? We sure do, and we bet there are others out there who do too!

Digital Explorer is the podcast where Digital Scholarship Librarian Natalia Estrada talks with practitioners about using the digital realm for research, and explore their relationships with computers. 

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Natalia Estrada (she/they) is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at the UB Libraries. When she's not hosting and producing Digital Explorer, she helps the UB community use digital tools and projects like textual analysis, data visualization, and podcasting (meta!). You can find them on, Discord, Twitter, and the Digital Scholarship Studio and Network (DSSN) in the Lockwood Library. Get a hold of Natalia at