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GeneCards Suite provides a concise, accurate overview of the current biomedical and clinical data/information available for human genes and diseases and their mouse equivalents (homologs). The interface is presented as a virtual “index card”, automatically harvesting and integrating over 200 free, public web sources on genomics, proteomics, genetics, clinical, and functional information.

The GeneCards Suite components are:

GeneCards  is a comprehensive compendium of all annotated and predicted human protein and RNA genes. For each gene, GeneCards automatically retrieves information  from ~170 free public Internet resources on mutations, variations (SNPs), gene function, protein and RNA products/transcripts, expression (microarray data), protein to protein interactions, known interactions with drugs and compounds, pathways  and much more. The retrieved information also provides a gene summary with extensive links out to other Internet resources for information ordering reagents including antibodies, RNAi, primers, CRISPR editing, and clones.

Search by keyword, or gene name (symbol) to simultaneously retrieve genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, and genetic information on all known and predicted human genes. An advanced search function permits searches to be limited to a variety of topics, including phenotypes, drugs and compounds, disorders, pathways,  variants, and more. A User Guide is available.

MalaCards is a database of ~20,000 human maladies and their annotations, gathered from ~70 free Internet resources Retrieved information is organized into 15 topical categories, including a disease summary, genes, variations, anatomical context, animal models, expression, genetic tests, related diseases, publications, pathways, symptoms, therapeutics, and is downloadable as a spreadsheet. Each disease card contains a section with hyperlinks to the Internet resources used to generate the card. A Search Guide is available.

PathCards is a database of human biological pathways and their annotations consolidated from 12 free public Internet resources including Reactome, KEGG, PharmGKB, and HumanCyc.


GeneCards Suite constantly updates its interface and search engine extraction capabilities. Since it extracts and then displays the extracted data from external web sources, GeneCards does not itself update the extracted content. Content updates are on the update cycle of the original individual external web sources.

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