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International Direct Investment Statistics

Last Updated: Mar 9, 2022 1:58 PM

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Four databases describe investments to and from OECD nations and the rest of the world. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental organization of industrialized nations.

  • International Direct Investment by Country : Data cover international direct investment among OECD nations and the rest of the world. Values are in U.S. dollars and national currencies.
  • International DIRECT INVESTMENT - Summary Tables : Data are in millions of U.S. dollars.
  • International Direct Investment by Industrial Sector : Presents data by industrial sectors based upon the International Standard Industrial Classification Rev. 3 . Statistics are in U.S. dollars and national currencies.
  • International Direct Investment - Exchange rates : Provides exchange rates in U.S. dollars and national currencies.

The following guides help novices understand this complicated subject:

Dates Covered

1980 +

Print Counterpart

  • International Direct Investment Statistics Yearbook(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
    Lockwood HG 4538 I536 (1993+; most recent in Reference)
  • IIS Microfiche Library (LexisNexis)
    Capen Multimedia Center at MicFiche HA154 .I542 (1983+)
    A microfiche collection of publications issued by intergovernmental organizations covers 1983-2008. Beginning with 2009, documents are online in pdf format. Locate data through 2 indexes: LexisNexis Statistical or its print counterpart, the Index to International Statistics (IIS).(Lockwood Reference Index Area HA154 .I544 (1983+))

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