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Kanopy Streaming Videos

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2023 10:08 AM

Connect to Kanopy Streaming Videos

*The use policy for Kanopy has changed, please check description below.

Remote access to this resource requires a UBITName and password.

Special Login Instructions

  • When accessing Kanopy off campus, CLICK  "LOG IN TO BUFFALO"
  • Next Step "Access Kanopy Through Your University" click "LOG IN TO BUFFALO" again.
  • Next step "Create Your Account" and click "SIGN UP"
  • Information will be stored for future access

Kanopy Support

Added features and teaching tools

Please contact us for assistance with any streaming media needs for your classroom instruction.

For more streaming options, please see our Streaming Audio and Video Guide.


Content: The UB Libraries subscribes to a database called KanopyBase or KBase that includes fully stream-able access to over 8,000 titles. Content is selected by Kanopy and culled from a variety of producers and distributors, spannning all subjects and dates of production, from the burgeoning era to present. In addition to KBase, the UB Libraries licenses titles that are available within the Kanopy platform but not fully streaming on a title-by-title basis. In other words, should you as an instructor locate a video within Kanopy but are blocked from playing the video, simply select the film within the Kanopy portal. Staff will receive the request. The UB Libraries staff will then help to license the video as long as the purpose is instructional. You may also contact us directly with your request.
Requests: Faculty may request the licensing of Kanopy Streaming Video films for instructional purposes This includes replacing of course reserve DVD and VHS videos as part of curricular assignments. Recall that Kanopy content is limited to that which is accessible via the Kanopy portal. 
Terms: Most films are licensed for a 1-year term, beginning from the date of the request. A new order request should be made before the license ends.
Use: The UB Libraries will not purchase Kanopy Streaming Videos for recreational viewing.
Please see our Streaming Media in the UB Libraries web page for other streaming resources.

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