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Love Canal: Rights and Reproductions

Last Updated: Mar 2, 2022 2:14 PM


Reproductions are available for a fee by contacting the University Archives.  Most papers may be copied for scholarship, private study or research in accordance with the library's usual procedures unless otherwise specified.  Anyone requesting reproductions from the University Archives must read, complete and return one of the following forms:

  • The Publication Agreement form is required for requests where the material is intended for publication (including print, websites, blogs, social media, etc.), display or broadcast.
  • The Personal Use Agreement form is required for requests where the material is not intended for publication, display or braodcast. 

Electronically fillable versions of these forms are available upon request to the University Archives.


Please note that while the University Archives owns the materials in our collections, we may not own the copyright to these materials, except where it has been explicitly transferred to the University Archives.  The user is solely responsible for determining the copyright status of materials and obtaining permission to use the materials from the copyright holder.  The University Archives requires proof, in writing, that the copyright holder has granted the user permission before we can turn over material for publication. 

  • Copyright for the following collections is held by the University Archives
    • MS 65: The Ecumenical Task Force of the Niagara Frontier records.
    • 19/F/1395: Michele Alexander Love Canal papers.
    • 22/3F/1289: Adeline Levine papers.
    • 22/3F/1290: Adeline Levine Love Canal research materials Part III.
    • Spectrum Photograph collection.
    • University at Buffalo Office of Public Affairs Photograph collection.


  • Copyright to the following collections has been retained by the donor of the collection.  To obtain permission to publish, please contact the University Archives for the donor's contact information.
    • MS100: Penelope Ploughman Love Canal collection.
    • MS 158: Lynn Corcoran In Our Own Backyard: the First Love Canal collection.


  • Copyright to the articles in the following collections belong to the newspaper that published the articles.
    • MS 122: Love Canal Newspaper Clipping File.
    • Niagara Gazette Newspaper Clippings.


  • Copyright to the following collections may be held by the authors or the authors' heirs or assigns.
    • 22/3F/634: Adeline Levine Love Canal research materiials Part I.
    • 22/3F/1113: Adeline Levine Love Canal research materials Part II.
    • 22/7F/668: Lester Milbrath Environmental Issues papers.
    • MS 74: Love Canal Area Revitalization Agency records.
    • MS 89: Love Canal Repository Grant records.


  • The University Archives believes the images in the following collection to be orphan works, works that are presumably still protected by copyright but for which the rights owner cannot be identified or located.  If you are the rights owner, please contact the University Archives.
    • New York State Department of Health Photograph collection.