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Nature Journals

Last Updated: May 16, 2024 11:57 AM

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Nature Journals ( ) provides electronic access to journals published by the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and its subsidiary, Cell Press. These are some of the most prestigious scientific journals in existence. Cutting edge research appearing in these journals are often cited in various media reports.

The UB libraries subscribe to most NPG journals including the flagship Nature and Cell journals. In many cases, the full-text is available back to the first volume of each title. One can search and view titles and abstracts for all NPG journals, not just the ones we subscribe to. Consult our electronic journals database for availability and dates of coverage for any title.

At the Nature.Journals website, one can search and view titles and abstracts for all NPG journals, but full-text access generally requires a library subscription.

Searching Tips: The "Full Search" box searches the full-text of the entire article. One can also search by title or abstract words, author, and citation. Note that one must select at least one journal from the lengthy list at the bottom of the page. All NPG journal titles are listed, not just the ones UB patrons have electronic full-text access to. One can check the "Select All Journals" box to search across all NPG titles. The asterisk (*) can be used to pick up all extensions of a root word.

Dates Covered

1983 to present, varying by journal title.

Print Counterpart

UB subscriptions to NPG journals are now received in electronic format only. Check the UB Libraries Catalog for our archival print holdings, most of which will be available from our Library Annex via our Delivery+ service

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