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New Dictionary of the History of Ideas

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022 5:25 PM

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Begin with this source to trace the evolution of an idea. It is an encyclopedic encapsulation of the ideas and concepts that define civilization and the individual's role in it across the globe. Entries are by a distinguished team of international experts and explore a huge diversity of topics. Each entry explores the origin, cultural interpretation, and history of an idea and concludes with suggestions for further reading. Illustrations are distributed throughout. A reader's guide offers users the option of reading systematically across conceptual groupings. Volume I features an extensive historiographical essay on the concept of “history” covering all time periods and major cultures.

This is an entirely new version of the Dictionary of the History of Ideas (1973). Compare the older work with the new one and how the world has changed becomes obvious. Not only is the content of shared entries different, but there are entries with no presence in the earlier work. The 1973 DHI is available in print at both Capen and Lockwood Reference, Ref. CB5.D52 and online at .

Dates Covered

All time periods.

Print Counterpart

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas.
Edited by Mryanne Cline Horowitz. New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 2005.
Lockwood Reference

Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (1930-1935. 15 vols.)
Lockwood Book Collection H41.E6

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (1967-1991, 19 vols.)
Lockwood Reference. Lockwood Book, Poetry/Rare Books, and Law Reference H41.I6

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