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New York Evidence: Resources

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2019 1:35 PM


Assoc. of Justices Benchbook for Trial Judges, New York KFN 6025 A84 1989 (NY Alcove)

Baer, Federal Rules of Evidence and Their New York State Parallels KFN 6030 Z9 B25 1986 (Also NY Alcove)

Barker & Alexander, Evidence in New York State and Federal Courts KFN 6030 B37 2001 (Also NY Alcove)

Birnbaum, Grass, Balen, New York Trial Notebook KFN 6025 B57 2005 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Broder, Trial Handbook for New York Lawyers, 3rd ed. KFN 6025 B76 1996 (Also NY Alcove)

Davidowitz, Foundation Evidence, Questions & Court Protocols, 2nd ed. KFN 6030 Z95 D38 2008 (NY Alcove)

Durst, New York Courtroom Evidence KFN 6030 D87 2000 (NY Alcove)

Epstein & Weissenberger, New York Evidence Courtroom Manual KFN 6030 N487 (Also NY Alcove)

Farrell Prince, Richardson on Evidence, 11th ed. & Supp. KFN 6030 R52 1995 (Also Reserve, NY Alcove)

Finley & Baker, New York Motions in Limine: Evidence Exclusion Guide KFN 6012 G742 (Also NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Fisch, Fisch on New York Evidence, 2d & Supp. KFN 6030 F5 1977 (Also NY Alcove)

Freedman, New York Objections: Trial Practice Tips & Cases KFN 6015 F74 1999 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Frumer & Biskind, Bender's New York Evidence CPLR, 9 vol. KFN 6030 A6 F7 (NY Alcove)

Gray, Evidentiary Privileges: Grand Jury, Criminal and Civil Trials, 4th ed. KFN 6159 G73 2003 (Also NY Alcove)

Hibel, New York Identification Law KFN 6167 H53 2006 (NY Alcove)

Jonakait, New York Evidentiary Foundations, 2d ed. KFN 6030 N49 1998 (NY Alcove)
Also Lexis (law students only) 

Joseph, Evidence in America: The Federal Rules in the States, 4 vol. KF 8935 Z95 J67 1987 

Katz, New York Suppression Manual KFN 6166 K37 1991 (NY Alcove)

Kramer/Moore, Evidence in Negligence Cases, 10th ed., 2 v. KFN 6035 K7 1997 (NY Alcove)

Martin, New York Evidence Handbook: Rules, Theory, & Practice, 2d ed. & Supp. KFN 6030 M37 2003 (NY Alcove)

Mottla, New York Evidence, Proof of Cases, 2d ed., 2 v. & Supp. KFN 6030 M6 1966 (NY Alcove)

N.Y. Law, A (Proposed) Code of Evidence for the State of New York Revision Commission KFN 6030 A837 1991  (Also NY Alcove)