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Judicial Directories: New York and Federal Directories

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023 10:15 AM

Judge Directories with Reviews and Evaluations

Historical Resources - New York

Judicial Directories and Biographical Resources

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary
Profiles and Evaluations of All Judges of the United States Circuit Courts and the United States Supreme Court
Volume 1-District Court judges arranged by Circuit
Volume 2-U.S. Supreme Court justices, and Circuit Court judges
Law Library:  Reference Desk  KF8700 .A19 A46

The American Bench: Judges of the Nation
Biographies of 19,000 judges from all levels of state and federal courts. Also includes jurisdictional, structural, and geographical information on the courts covered.
Law Library:  Reference Desk  KF8700 .A19 A47

BNA’s Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges, and Clerks: A State-by-State and Federal Listing
Law Library:   Reference Desk  KF8700 .A19 K56

Judicial Yellow Book
Federal and State Courts * Judges *  Staffs * Biographies
Law Library:   Reference Desk  KF8700 .A19 J835

Judicial Directory – New York State Unified Court System

The New York Red Book: An illustrated Yearbook of Authentic Information Concerning New York State
Includes a section on the judiciary (with photos)
Law Reference Desk JK3430 .N5

New York Law Journal Judicial Profiles

The New York State Directory
Current ed. -- Law Library Reference Desk JK3430 .N52
Includes short biographies of NY Court of Appeals judges.

Historical Resources- United States Supreme Court