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Oxford Bibliographies

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2018 12:28 PM

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The Oxford Bibliographies is a collection of databases. It includes:

Oxford Bibliographies offers authoritative research guidance. Each topical component is comprised of highly specific annotated bibliographic guides. For instance, the Atlantic History component includes African Religion and Culture, Merchants' Networks, and Texts, Printing and the Book. The bibliographies identify the best work available on a topic, whether it is in the form of a chapter, a book, an article, a website, an archive, or a dataset. Each bibliography is introduced by contextual commentary. Annotations indicate why a particular work is valuable. When fully integrated into our holdings, bibliographies will be findable by using EVERYTHING. Open URLs and full-text DOIs link citations that comprise bibliographies to our catalog and to WorldCat, Google Books, and more. To access this feature, click the + to the left of the line beneath each citation (Find this resource). Bibliographies are updated on a regular basis and the number of bibliographies under each topical heading continues to grow.

Tutorial: For an introduction to the project visit: See the videos, one for faculty; the other, for students. Also see Site Help:

Search Capabilities: An Advanced option supports Boolean searching. One may search all the bibliographies to which we subscribe or one or more. There is also a personal archiving feature called My OBO, find a link on the upper right of the home page.

Citation Management: Citations are exportable to: EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite, Ref Works, and Zotero. They may also be emailed and saved to My OBO.


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