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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2018 12:36 PM

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Full-text access to a growing number of philosophy journals. Ultimately 100 journals will be covered, and 53 are available. Every word in every available issue is fully searchable using Boolean and proximity operators. Content includes thousands of articles, book reviews, and dissertation listings, as well as all abstracts, footnotes, and bibliographic listings. One can select to search one or all included journals. Search results are presented which allow users to see the article title, the journal name and issue, and all of the "hits" with a limited display of text. If available, abstracts are also viewable. This functionality is provided for all issues of all journals in the database. Most journal publishers allow full text display of their journals. If there is a print or electronic subscription to such a journal, POIESIS allows users to click on the paragraph display and jump to the full text display of that journal. Many journals are available electronically only through this resource. A powerful tool for tracing ideas that because of its full-text searching capability provides access far beyond that offered by Philosopher's Index.

Contains leads to the full-text of journals. Printing while in POIESIS, beyond cut-and-paste, is not an option for journals with "restricted display", nor may articles be read in their entirety, unless the library maintains either a print or electronic subscription to the journal. However, some journals have "unrestricted display" and these may be read in their entirety and easily printed.

Dates Covered

Varies by journal.

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