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Poles in the United States

  • Bobinska, Celina, Andrzej Pilch. Employment--seeking emigrations of the Poles world wide , XIX and XX century.
    LML JV 8195 E4613
    Deals with migrations in Europe and provides information about Polish immigrants in the U.S. Chapter 8 is devoted to immigration law in the USA and the consequences of immigration in the labor market.
  • Brozek, Andrzej. Polonia amerykanska 1854-1939.
    LML Pol.Coll. E 184 P7 B76
    A general history of American Polonia. Subjects include Polish-American organizations, socio-cultural aspirations of Polonia, and various reactions to American life.
  • Fox, Paul. The Poles in America.
    LML Pol.Coll. E 184 P7 F8, UGL E 184 P7 F8 1970
    A fairly detailed analysis of Polish history from 960 A.D. to 1918. Provides background for understanding the reasons for the mass emigration from Poland. Concentrates on peasant immigrants' economic, social, and religious conditions in Poland and America, as well as special problems such as Protestant policy towards Polish Catholics.
  • Gebert, Boleslaw. Pierwsi Polacy w Stanach Zjednoczonych.
    LML Pol.Coll. E 184 P7 G4
    Prominent Poles in America, their lives and activities are described.
  • Green Balch, Emily. Our Slavic fellow citizen.
    LML, LML Pol.Coll. E 184 S6 B2; UGL E 184 S6 B2 1969
    A study of Slavic immigrants in the United States. The author analyzes social, economic, and political conditions in several Slavic regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which led to the mass migration of Poles, Ruthenians, Croatians, etc. to the United States. In addition to describing the reasons for emigration from each Slavic region, the book provides insight into the lives of Slavs in the U.S.
  • Grodsky, Susan J., Jeannette H. North. Immigration literature: abstracts of demographic, economic, and policy studies.
    LAW JV 6455 N67 1979; LML BusDoc US J21.16:Im6
    Consists of abstracts of English language works concerned with immigration to the U.S. from 1965 to 1979, and citations of dissertations and periodical articles published 1970-79.
  • Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups
    LML Ref, UGL Ref E 184 A1 H35
    See the chapter on Polish Americans.
  • Obidinski, Eugene. A bibliography of Polish migration and settlement in the United States.
    LML Pol.Coll. Z 1229 P6 O55
    Contains material concerned with Polish immigration to and settlement in the United States. Emphasis is on historical data, regional studies, and statistical and sociological sources.
  • Renkiewicz, Frank. The Poles in America: 1608-1972: a chronology and fact book.
    LML, LML Pol.Coll., UGL E 184 P7 R46
    Contains a chronological table of Polish immigration to America and a selection of important documents on Poles in America: writings on Poles in Jamestown (1608), the constitution of the Polish National Alliance, immigrants' letters, etc.
  • Thomas, William I. and Florian Znaniecki. The Polish peasant in Europe and America.
    LML DK 411 T5 1974, vols. 1-2
    This classic of 20th century sociological research is a detailed study of the Polish peasant emigrant communities in Western Europe and the United States.
  • Wytrwal, Joseph A. Behold! The Polish Americans
    LML Pol.Coll. E 174 P7 W913
    Contains a fairly detailed analysis of historic events and conditions which led to the immigration of Poles to America; also all aspects of émigré life in the U.S. are treated in detail.


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