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Cynthia Tysick

Head of Education Services
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Cynthia Tysick
521 Lockwood Library
(716) 645-8629
Being a librarian means more than reading books. As a librarian I've developed the expertise to conceptualize a manageable research project, develop a set of effective search terms, identify the best tools to find the information needed, and the ability to iterate a search based on results and nomenclature.

Over the years I've explored the role librarians can play in assisting those with little to no expertise or access to the Internet and quality information. My work has taken me to Ghana, Tanzania and Costa Rica. There I work with educators at all levels, administrators, non-profit organizations, and technology specialists to assess their innovation readiness as it relates to technology and information literacy. The team of librarians I currently head also share this interest and many participate in similar projects locally and globally.

We are MacGyver librarians without borders.

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