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Whether you are on campus, remote or somewhere in between, this guide offers you tips and resources to help you have a successful learning experience at UB.
Last Updated: Jun 5, 2024 1:34 PM


As you prepare to succeed this semester, this collection of information, tools and resources can help you learn from anywhere while at UB. Jump from page to page across the top and visit the variety of resources available to you as members of the UB Community.

Types of Classes

Classes at UB are delivered in a few different ways. Sometimes this is called instruction mode or delivery method

It's important to know what type of classes you have registered for and what to expect from the experience. Use these instructions to help you find out what delivery method your classes are using.

Check the descriptions of these different types in the sections below. Knowing the difference between these two terms is an important start:


A synchronous class occurs at the same time as it is scheduled, and sometimes it may also be called "Real Time". This means you are expected to log in to your synchronous remote class at the assigned days and times that appears on your schedule. Check your syllabus or ask your professor about specific attendance and participation requirements.


An asynchronous class does not have a set day and time each week where you will meet with your instructor and classmates, and sometimes it may also be called "Recorded Only". Instead, you will have some amount of work to complete week-to-week on your own schedule. This may include recorded lectures to watch, readings, assignments, etc. You might also have discussion boards you must participate in with your classmates. Again, check your syllabus or ask your professor for details on these expectations.


Find more details directly from the Office of the Registrar.


A traditional classroom just like you've always known. You will meet with your classmates and instructor in a classroom on campus at specific dates and times according to your class schedule. Classrooms will be set up to allow for social distancing. Fulfills on-campus status for F1 immigration requirements.


The best of both worlds. Hybrid classes offer both in person instruction and remote learning. The remote portion may be synchronous or asynchronous. The schedule will be determined by the instructor. This format fulfills the F1 immigration requirements.

You will need to check your syllabus or ask your professor for details on how that specific class will incorporate both remote and in-person work.


HyFlex classes are hybrid classes where you decide how you participate. You have the flexibility to attend in person class, online or both. Instructors will determine the options you have. Lectures may be available through live videoconferencing or recordings.

Check your syllabus or ask your instructor for the participation options available to you.


Remote classes are conducted completely online.  Instruction may be synchronous, asynchronous or a combination of both.  There are a few variations:

Remote class with in-person exams 

All instruction occurs remotely, but students will come to campus for exams and presentations.

Remote - real-time 

Just like your in-person classes, these classes happen on specific days at specific times.  Your instructor will teach the class remotely and all participation will happen online during class time.

Remote - real-time and recorded

Like remote-real-time classes, these classes meet a specific day and time.  However, instructors will also offer materials that are recorded and you may access on-demand.

Remote - recorded only

These courses are conducted all asynchronously, there is no set class day or time.  Materials are recorded and available online.  Your instructor will set due dates.  You need to manage your time well in order to complete all course work in a timely manner.