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Proquest Congressional

Last Updated: May 7, 2024 2:25 PM

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ProQuest Congressional, formerly LexisNexis Congressional and Congressional Universe, is a Proquest product that indexes and provides selected full texts of Congressional publications, regulations, laws, legislative histories, and background information on members of Congress.

Also included in our ProQuest Congressional coverage is Proquest's Legislative Insight, a robust searching tool that provides access to legislative histories dating back to the first Congressional session.

Contents include:

Congressional publications

  • Bills: Provides full texts from 101th Congress (1989) forward.
  • Congressional hearings: Provides full texts of complete hearings from 1824-2022. Witnesses’ testimonies are online from 1988 to date. However, this information reflects a partial hearing. Complete hearings also include dialogues among committee members and witnesses, and supplemental information inserted into the record. Consult the UB Libraries Catalog to access complete hearings, and the CIS collection for complete hearings held between 1970 and 2006 (Law library Koren AV Center MicFiche KF49 .C623). Selected complete hearings are also available through Fdsys, the Government Printing Office’s new information portal, and committee Web sites.
  • Committee prints: Provides full texts through 1969 and partial full text from the 103rd Congress (1993) to date.
  • House and Senate reports: Beginnings through 1969, and selected reports from 1990 to date. (Will eventually provide full text of all reports from the early 19th Century through the present, but the entire series is not yet available.)

Laws and regulations

  • Public laws: Provides full texts from the 100th Congress (1988) forward.
  • United States Code (current)
  • Federal Register (from 1980 forward)
  • Code of Federal Regulations (current)
  • Data about

    < >Members of CongressCampaign contributionsVoting recordsThe HillRoll CallWashington Post (Section A)Coverage and Update Schedule for ProQuest™ Congressional Content for more detail.

Dates Covered

The CIS Index covers 1970 to present. Full text coverage varies depending on publication (see above) and update schedules vary. Historical indexes cover Congressional publications from 1789-1969.

Print Counterpart

Lockwood Library and the Law Library have comprehensive collections of print and microfiche Congressional publications.

  • CIS Index
    Lockwood Reference Z1223 .A221
    LAW Reference Desk KF49 .C62
    Microfiche collection: Law Koren AV Center MicFiche | KF49 .C623 (1970-2006)
  • CIS US Congressional Committee Hearings Index
    Lockwood Library | Reference | Z1223 .Z9 C52
    Microfiche collection: Capen Multimedia Center MicFiche | J74 .A3 (1869 - 1955/56)
  • CIS Index to Unpublished US Senate Committee Hearings: 97th Congress - 98th Congress, 1981-1984.
    Lockwood Reference KF40 .C55 2005
  • CIS US Congressional Committee Prints Index: From the Earliest Publications Through 1969
    Lockwood Reference Z1223 .Z7 C66
    Law Reference Desk Z1223.Z7 C66
    Microfiche collection: Capen Multimedia Center MicFiche | J74 .C5 1976
  • CIS Index to US Senate Executive Documents & Reports: Covering Documents and Reports Not Printed in the US Serial Set, 1817-1969
    Lockwood Reference J35 .U54 1987 Index
    Law Reference Desk KF40 .C553 1987

Law and regulatory publications:

  • Federal Register (current edition - LAW & LML, back issues - LAW)
  • Code of Federal Regulations (LAW)
  • United States Code (LML, LAW - official and annotated editions)
  • Additional information about Congress and its activities see
    • Congressional Quarterly Almanac (JK1 .C66 in Lockwood Library and Undergraduate Library; LAW General Collection JK1 .C66)
    • CQ Weekly (JK1 .C15 in Lockwood Reference and Law Library)
    • National Journal (LAW JK1 .N28)

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