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Short Stories: Print Resources

The H.W. Wilson Company's Short Story Index defines short stories as "a brief narrative of not more than 150 average-sized pages." This guide will enable you to locate the full-text of short stories as well as criticism and interpretation about them.
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Print Resources

Use the following print resources to locate a short story published in a collection/anthology, to find biographical information on short story authors, and find published criticism/reviews on short stories.

Short Story Criticism
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN3373.S4
This comprehensive source presents the most important published criticism of the world's major story writers. Biographical and bibliographical materials are provided.

Short Story Index
Lockwood Library/Reference:Z 5917 .S5 C62 1974-
This annual publication indexes stories in periodicals and collection, and is arranged by author, title, and subject in one alphabet.

American Short-Fiction Criticism and Scholarship 1959-1977

Lockwood Library/Reference:PS374.S5W381982
Indexes criticism in books and journals; arranged by authors and subarranged by named work.

Critical Survey of Short Fiction
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN3373.C72001
Essays on important short story writers of the world from the beginnings of the short story to the present are the focus of this source. A cumulative author/title index is located in Volume 7.

Index to Best American Short Stories and O. Henry Prize Winners
Lockwood Library/Reference:Z1231.F4W52 1988
This is an index to two premier anthology series. Historical accounts of the origin, development, and the accomplishments of these two long-running short story anthologies are included.

Dictionary of Literary Biography
Lockwood Library/Reference:PS 128 .D5
This series contains biographical and critical essays on individual writers. Five volumes are devoted to writers of short fiction:

Vol. 74 American Short Story Writers before 1880
Vol. 78 American Short Story Writers, 1880-1910
Vol. 86 American Short Story Writers, 1910-1945 (First Series)
Vol. 102 American Short Story Writers, 1910-1945 (Second Series)
Vol. 130 American Short Story Writers Since World War II

Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN 761 .N5 vol. 1-current
This multi-volume set contains excerpts from criticism of the works of creative writers who lived between 1800 and 1900, from the first published appraisals to current evaluations. Cumulative author and title indexes are located in the back of the last volume.

A Reader’s Companion to the Short Story in English
Lockwood Library/Reference:PS374.S5R43 2001
The volume begins with a detailed introduction to the short story genre and concludes with an annotated bibliography of major works on short story theory.

Reference Guide to Short Fiction
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN3373.R36 1999
Covering 376 writers of short stories and novellas, this selective guide contains biographical data and a bibliography for each writer, as well as critical essays on the entrant's short fiction.

Twentieth Century Literature Criticism
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN771.G27
Long excerpts from criticism of writers of the period 1900-1960 are presented in this set. Cumulative author and title indexes are located in the back of the last volume.

Twentieth-century Short Story explication:interpretations, 1900-1975, of short fiction since 1800
Silverman Library (Capen)/Science & Engineering Reference:Z5917.S5W33 1977
This bibliography leads to criticism of short fiction written after 1800. Supplements I-V brings the coverage to 1988. The index to this set is located at Lockwood Library/Reference:Z 5917 .S5 W332.

Twentieth Century Short Story Explication: New Series
Lockwood Library/Reference:Z5917.S5 W351993
Covering the years 1989-1994, this set leads to criticism of short fiction.

Contemporary Literary Criticism
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN 94 .C62

Critical Survey of Short Fiction
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN 3373 .C7
Provides a list of short story author's principal collections, dates of publication, a biographical sketch, and a critical analysis of the author's works.

Reference Guide to Short Fiction
Lockwood Library/Reference:PN 3373 .R36 1999
Contains biographical and critical essays on writers of short fiction writing in English worldwide.

Short Story Writers
Lockwood Library/Book Collection:PN 3373 .S398 1997
Short story authors are covered in this three volume set. Each entry includes an illustration of the author, a list of principle short fiction, achievements, biography, analysis, and bibliography.

Specialized Print Resources

Afro-American Short Story: A Comprehensive, Annotated Index With Selected Commentaries
Lockwood Library/Reference:PS153.N39Y36 1986
This book provides both comprehensive cross-references to modern Afro-American short stories published from 1950-1982, and an analysis and commentary on modern fiction; an extensive guide to many of the stories published in anthologies, collections, and periodicals is also provided.

Black Short Story Anthology
Lockwood Library/Book Collection:PS 647 .N35 K5
Presents a collection of twenty-eight stories which reflect the thoughts of black writers on the destiny of their people

Chicorel Index to Short Stories in Anthologies and Collections
Lockwood Library/Reference:Z5781.C485v.12
60,000 Short story entries from all nations throughout literary history, in English or translation, are listed.

Contemporary Chinese Novels and Short Stories, 1949-1974
Lockwood Library/Reference:PL2415.T78 1979
This annotated bibliography has author, title, and subject indexes.

Cuento Mexicano Index
Lockwood Library/Book Collection:Z1424.S54H63
Published in 1978, this index includes 7230 short stories by 490 Mexican authors born after 1870. Most of the stories are in Spanish, with a few in English.

Index to Spanish Language Short Stories in Anthologies
Lockwood Library/Reference:Z1609.L7 C351994
More than 200 anthologies published in Spanish America, Spain, and the United States have their contents listed here. Anthologies published from 1979 to 1994 are included, but stories written from the Middle Ages through modern times are represented.

Index to Translated Short Fiction by Latin American Women in English Language Anthologies
Lockwood Library/Book Collection:Z1609.F4I6 1997
This comprehensive volume presents listings of short stories and short fiction by Latin American women in translation; works appear in anthologies published between 1918 and 1996.

The Latin American Short Story: An Annotated Guide to Anthologies and Criticism
Lockwood Library/Reference:PQ7082.S5B35 1992
This bibliography includes anthologies of Latin American short stories. Latin America is defined as Spanish America, including the

Twentieth Century European Short Story
Lockwood Library/Reference:Z5917.S5M39 1989
General biographical and critical studies, as well as commentary on selected titles are included for each of the 32 European writers presented.




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