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Teacher Education Institute: RIP

The purpose of this guide is to assist Teacher Education Institute (TEI) students with the library-related research that is required for their Reflective Inquiry Projects (RIP).
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2024 11:20 AM

Reflective Inquiry Project (RIP)

The Reflective Inquiry Project (RIP) is a focal point of the initial teacher certification program. During the field experience course, with guidance from their Teacher Education Associate (TEA), students develop a researchable question about school practice that they are interested in exploring in depth. Through a review of the scholarly literature and analysis of data gathered through fieldwork, students construct a paper that responds to their question. Toward the conclusion of student teaching, students revisit their RIP from the lens of their student teaching experience, and they write an essay that 'reflects' and 'reflects on' what they have learned throughout the academic year.

The highlighted "review of the scholarly literature" above is the purpose behind this guide. 

Teacher Education Institute (TEI)

This guide is created to support students and faculty in the Graduate School of Education's (GSE) Teacher Education Institute. Please contact Chris Hollister--the UB Libraries' liaison to GSE--with any comments or questions.