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Toxicology - In-depth Research Guide: Ref Works

This guide is designed to assist patrons who need to do an in-depth search of the detailed toxicology of a particular substance or make an extensive review of a topic related to toxicology such as endocrine disrupters.
Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024 4:41 PM

Ref Works

Reference Works

HSL = Abbott Library, Abbott Hall, South Campus

1) Handbook of toxicology (CRC) [print only]
Call number: HSL Reference QV 607 H236 2002 Toxicology Section
This CRC handbook provides basic information to design, conduct, and interpret toxicology studies and to perform risk assessments. The most recent edition has expanded coverage of inhalation toxicology, neurotoxicology, histopathology, ecotoxicology, and in vitro toxicology. Updated regulatory chapters deal with pesticides, medical devices, consumer products, and world-wide notification of new chemicals. Physiological and biochemical differences between male adults, female adults, and children are discussed. 700 extensively referenced tables are included.

2) Occupational toxicants : critical data evaluation for MAK values and classification of carcinogens [print only]
Call Number: HSL Reference QZ 202 C934 Toxicology Section.
This monograph series presents over 400 detailed toxicological evaluation documents on important occupational toxicants and carcinogens. They describe the toxicological database which determines MAK values (Maximum Concentrations at the Workplace), used in German and European regulations. Published by VCH, twenty-one volumes have been published through 2005.

3) Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition (2011)
This large 4-volume work has been a standard reference in occupational health and safety for over 50 years. Well organized chapters cover the recognition of chemical and physical agents, biohazards, engineering controls, personal protection, laws and regulations, management, and special problems. A print copy of this current edition is available at HSL Reference WA 400 P322 2000 Toxicology Section .

4) Patty's Toxicology, 6th Edition (2012)
This large 8-volume work is a companion set to Patty's Industrial Hygiene described above. Extensive and well documented chapters are organized by chemical and physical agents classes such as glycols, various metals, noise, and lasers. A print copy of this edition is available at HSL Reference WA 400 P3222 2000 Toxicology Section .

5) Sittig's handbook of toxic and hazardous chemicals and carcinogens, 6th Edition (2012)
Available through UB's Knovel subscription, this classic title provides information on about 1,400 of the most heavily used, transported and regulated chemical substances of occupational and environmental concern. Included are exposure limits, first aid, storage, handling, spill clean up, and reference information. The appendices contain lists of oxidizing materials, known and suspected carcinogens, and a glossary of terms used in the publication. A print copy of the current edition is available at HSL Reference WA 39 S623h 2002 Toxicology Section .

6) Toxicological evaluations : potential health hazards of existing chemicals [print only]
Call Number: HSL Reference WA 465 T7549 Toxicology Section .
Produced by Berufsgenossenschaft der Chemischen Industrie and published by Springer-Verlag, HSL currently has 15 volumes, the latest in 1999. Toxicological Evaluations are critically assessed data and recommendations for occupational safety officers, industrial hygienists, and human and animal toxicologists. They are compiled under internationally coordinated programs for establishing the risk potential of existing chemicals.

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