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Microsoft Word 2016: Word 2016 for Mac

This guide contains short videos that will walk you through some of the skills and functions on Microsoft Word that you will need to know to complete your LAWR assignments or draft legal documents. The guide contains videos for both PC and Mac.
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2022 2:01 PM

Setting Font Type and Size

Changing Line and Paragraph Spacing

Inserting Symbols

Disabling Superscript for Ordinals

Find and Replace

Inserting a Non-Breaking or Hard Space

Setting Margins

Creating a Table of Contents

Paragraph Indentation for Block Quotes

Using Spelling and Grammar Check

Managing Proofing and AutoCorrect

Inserting and Formatting Page Numbers

Inserting Page Breaks

Enabling Text-To-Speech

Creating Section Headings

More videos coming soon!