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Wall Street Journal

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2023 4:29 PM

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The WSJ covers the latest in news from the business and finance world, connecting current news events to business fluctuations and market changes and educating readers about pressing economic changes. 

Founded in July 1889, The WSJ has covered the births and deaths of tens of thousands of companies; the creation of new industries such as autos, aerospace, oil and entertainment; two world wars and numerous other conflicts; profound advances in science and technology; revolutionary social movements; the rise of consumer economies in the U.S. and abroad; and the march of globalization.

Dates Covered:     Advance search covers the past 4 years - present

           A browsable news archive is available back to December 1997


A 5-10 minute registration process is required the first time you access WSJ. After registering, users can login to or through the WSJ app.


Step 1 - Connect through UB's Wall Street Journal link

Users will be prompted for your UBIT name and password.


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Student Accounts

  • Student accounts must select a graduation day. This date can later be changed by contacting WSJ at 1-800-JOURNAL.
  • The Student Hub provides a place for students to find curated content focused on job preparation, finance tips, career insights and expert advice.

Professor Accounts

  • Professor accounts should be used by faculty and teaching staff.
  • Professor accounts include teaching tools such as: WSJ Context; Critical Thinking Resource; Weekly Review; Seminar Series; The Assessment Tool. Once you have registered, check out the Professor Tools page to access content and features.

Staff Accounts

  • Staff accounts should be used by professional staff.


Step 3 - Customize your WSJ experience

Once the account is created, users can customize their experience by subscribing to newsletters and alerts, selecting topics of interest, creating a market watchlist, and more. For faster registration, you can choose to skip custom questions and revisit at another time.


Step 4 - Sign in to the WSJ

Following the customization step, users will be prompted to sign in again in order to verify the account was created successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have a paid WSJ account with my UB email. Can I transfer over to the UB subscription?

A: Yes. If a student or a faculty/staff member has a personal WSJ membership and would like to convert it to their School-Sponsored WSJ Membership, they will need to call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel.


Q: I have a Professor account. Where are the teaching tools?

A: Once you have registered, check out the Professor Tools page to access content and features.


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