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Alternative Access to Articles: Need a Paper? Get a Plug-in!

This guide provides information about various types of browser plug-ins that may be helpful when accessing scholarly publications.
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2024 2:30 PM

Finding the full text of articles can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be!

If you search for scholarly publications from off-campus or using tools like Google Scholar, you can use a browser plug-in to help locate the full text of the articles you need.

The best part? These plug-ins are FREE (and some can connect to UB subscriptions too)!

Logos of several article access browser plug-ins: LibKey Nomad, EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio), the Google Scholar Button, and Unpaywall.

This Guide explores five free browser plug-ins that assist in finding the full text of scholarly articles. More plug-ins may exist, but the author of this Guide began this information guide by reviewing and using: LibKey Noman, EndNote Click (formerly known as Kopernio), the Google Scholar Button, and UnPaywall. The Guide will be updated if and when these plug-ins are updated.

So...which should you use?

With so many browser plug-in options, which one is right for you? They (mostly) offer the same services, so it could be a matter of personal preference. However, there are a few features to compare, which are outlined in the comparison chart below. All of the plug-ins are FREE to use! 


What browser does it work with?

Does it connect to UB Libraries subscription databases?

Does it work on and off-campus?

Can I export the citation to Citation Management Software (i.e., EndNote)?

Do I need an account or login to use?

LibKey Nomad

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave





EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio)

Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Looking for Safari? You can show your support for EndNote Click for Safari by upvoting this feature request here.




Yes (your Clarivate* account)

Unpaywall Extension

Chrome, Firefox

No (searches Open Access papers only)




Google Scholar Button

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera

Yes (library links work best on campus)

Yes (library links work best on campus)


Yes (your Google account)

*Clarivate also owns Web of Science and EndNote, so if you have an account for one or both of these products, you can use the same login for EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It might be beneficial to use more than one browser plug-in to search for full-text article access since they have different coverage. However, if you do use more than one, please be aware of the following potential issue:

  • If using LibKey Nomad and EndNote Click plug-ins, they appear in the same place on the screen, so they may overlap.
    • FIX: The EndNote Click pop-up offers an "X" to close the pop-up if you prefer to see the LibKey Nomad result.


Browzine logo


Still hitting a paywall for article access? Don't pay!

If the article you need is not part of a UB subscription and is not available openly, use UB Libraries Delivery+ service to get the article. It's completely free for UB faculty, staff, and students! 

Simply log in with your UBIT name and password, then fill out a brief form for the item you need. Articles are delivered to you electronically!


Still running into trouble? Contact your subject librarian for additional help. We are here to help!


Questions about the content of this Guide? Contact the Guide owner Erin Rowley at