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Creating Permanent Links: Permanent Links

Brief instructions for creating a link to a specific resource in a select UB database
Last Updated: May 22, 2024 2:42 PM


Permanent Links (also called "Permalinks")  permalink icon


When creating documents or other materials for UB students or others, one may want to provide an exact link to a specific resource located in a database provided by UB.

Once you locate an item in a database you want to create a link to, there are just a couple of steps to follow.

The steps will vary slightly from database to database.

This guide will outline the steps to follow when creating a link to a resource within these databases:

  • Lexis
  • Westlaw
  • HeinOnline
  • The UB Online Catalog

NOTE: Many of the other subscription databases at UB will have specific directions or icons that will guide the user to capture the "permalink" to a specific resource available in the database.

"Permanent Links" are referred to by many different names, including (but not limited to): permalinks, deep links, hyperlinks, persistent links, stable links, document links, or URLs.

Accessing UB Resources from Off Campus

How Do I Access UB Resources from Off Campus?

Please visit this Off-Campus HELP Page to learn about successfully opening links to resources available in UB subscription databases using

The Proxy Server Bookmarklet
"Once you've added this bookmark to your web browser, selecting it will attempt to reload your current page through the Libraries Proxy Server. If the page is one that you should be able to access by virtue of being faculty, staff, or student at UB, you'll get access to it...."


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