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ENG199 - Imagining Other Minds: Home

A LibGuide for your research assignment in ENG199.
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024 11:39 AM

Potential Research Topics

  • Animal narrators in fiction or film
  • Animal cognition or animal emotions (recent research; specific species)
    • (birds)
    • (whales or dolphins)
    • (elephants)
    • (dogs or cats)
    • (invertebrates)
  • Disability in literature (theories; studies of specific texts)
  • Alien intelligence in fiction or film
  • Scientific research regarding alien life
  • Artificial intelligence/machine thinking/robots
  • Cyberfiction
  • Autism narratives (by parents of autistic people or artists themselves)
  • Autistic character in television and film
  • Neuroatypicality in fiction (other than autism)
  • Animal rights, legal and ethical issues/legal personhood for animals
  • Theory of Mind (research; challenges to this concept)
  • Animal communication/animal languages
  • Animals and tool use
  • Plant or forest intelligence or sociality

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Searching for Periodicals (Newspapers and Magazines)

Pertinent Scholarly Databases for the Assignment

What Words to Use (Keywords & Synonyms)

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