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Faculty Professional Development: Publishing

This guide provides information on free or low-cost tools available to faculty across the world.
Last Updated: Jun 2, 2022 12:16 PM

Time Management

Do not expect to be published within three months!

If you have to publish for tenure or permanent appointment you need to leave the publisher enough time to accept, distribute for review, collate review feedback, and make a decision. In many cases this could take at least six months. You must manage your time accordingly. 


Intellectual Property

What your write or produce is your intellectual property. You will want to protect it from theft. Don't let others steal your valuable work. The following guides discuss the three major types of intellectual property.

For a comprehensive look at intellectual property see, Intellectual Property

For language and what to consider in publishing contracts see, Faculty Publications

Publishing Tips

Finding opportunities to publish depends on what type of item you have (book vs journal article), your topic, your geographic location, and whether or not you can pay author fees. In this section you will find information on publishing in traditional academic journals (challenging to get into), traditional commercial academic publishers (challenging to get into), open access journals (varying degrees of quality), and university publishers (somewhat easier to get into with a faster response rate).

Call for Papers

Publish Open Access Textbooks

UB Libraries Open Textbooks Guide

If you would like to author a textbook or want to use a free, open textbook for your course this guide can get you started.

Publish Open Access Journals