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UB Faculty Libraries' Orientation: Teaching Resources

Last Updated: May 22, 2024 10:20 AM

Libraries' Orientation

Guide your students to this basic introductory video on how to use the UB libraries.

Course Reserve

Books and audiovisual materials which are required for courses may be placed on Course Reserve. Supplemental or recommended readings, including but not limited to homework solutions, lecture notes, and sample exams cannot be placed on Course Reserve.

Plagiarism and Academic Scholarship

Use the resources on this guide to introduce your students to Plagiarism and Academic Scholarship.

UB Learns Integration

This guide is dedicated to providing information about integrating library resources into your course.

Library Instruction Requests

Library instruction sessions are designed to introduce students to information sources and effective strategies for conducting library research. Librarians teach these sessions with a focus on the UB Libraries' print and electronic resources. The sessions take place during regular class time in computerized classrooms, and the lessons are targeted to specific research assignments.

How to Import a Roadmap into your UB Learns Course

There are three Research Roadmaps saved to a UB-only Box folder. Follow the direct links below to the Roadmap you would like to import. Select "Download" and save somewhere onto your computer as a zip file. The video below will walk you through the process.

UB Teach Anywhere

Teach Anywhere brings together a great number of teaching resources - for both online and in-person teaching.