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Genealogy Research in University Archives: Collections

Resources in University Archives for genealogical research.
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2020 9:06 AM

Family Genealogies

Some of our archival collections include family genealogies. Search our finding aids for specific names, keywords such as "family history" or "genealogy," and format types such as "scrapbook," "membership list," or "diploma."  A selection of these collections:

  • Samuel Capen papers, 4/7/19
  • Katharine Cornell collection, MS 219.1
  • Sparkle M. Furnas papers, 4/9/1091
  • T. Chalmers Furnas papers, MS 190
  • Clifton Joseph Furness papers, MS 215
  • Ruth V. Hewlett and Theodosia Stickney papers, MS 85
  • Charles Gordon Heyd papers, MS 2
  • John T. Horton papers, 22/6F/632
  • Oliver Perry Jones papers, 19/F/794
  • Individual and Community Memorabilia collection, MS 200.33
  • Helen H.Lyman papers, 45/F/1000
  • Darwin D. Martin Family papers, MS 22.6
  • Muriel Orr-Ewing papers, MS 70
  • Dr. Hubert J. Rubenstein papers, MS 96

Paper and Photo Collections

  • UB People
    • University Archives maintains files on many (but not all) UB faculty, staff, and others associated with the university.  Materials contained in each file varies, but can include portraits, clippings, obituaries, publications, and/or curriculum vitae.
  • Photograph collections
    • Archives holds well over 100,000+ photographs.  Many are grouped by rough subject with coverage mainly from the 1950s-1980s.
    • Note: The vast majority of photos of people are not identified.  Look at these resources for the era or topic appropriate for your research.  You may not find a particular person, but you'll gain an understanding of their day-to-day life at UB.
  • Newspapers and Magazines (selected titles below)
    • The Bison, 1913-1941
      • Student humor magazine
    • The Bee, 1921-1950
      • Student newspaper
    • Argus, 1947-1950
      • Student newspaper
    • Spectrum, 1950-
      • Student newspaper
    • Colleague, 1952-1970
      • Faculty/Staff newsletter
    • Reporter, 1970-2009
      • Faculty/Staff newspaper
      • Ceased print publication in 2009, thereafter online only.
      • 2016 name changed to UB Now.
  • Catalogs and Student Manuals
    • We hold hundreds of course catalogs, university brochures, and student manuals.
  • Yearbooks
    • The first general student yearbook was the Iris. Published from 1898-1907, and 1920-1932, the Iris was succeeded by the Buffalonian.
    • The inaugural issue of the Buffalonian appeared in 1934. It was on February 26, 1934, that Norton Union opened, and the title page for the first issue of the Buffalonian proudly states “Published by the Associated Students of the University of Buffalo at Norton Hall on the University Campus.”
    • The Buffalonian was the yearbook for all UB students for only one year. In the 1935 medical and dental students launched a combined yearbook called the Medentian. When the Buffalonian ceased publication in 2001, it marked the end of a yearbook for undergraduates.



Other Collections

  • Cleanup and Restoration of the Beth Jacob Cemetery records, 1990-2009, MS 200.19
    • Cleanup and Restoration of the Beth Jacob Cemetery Records document mainly the cemetery inscriptions, and Joshua Finkelstein’s leadership activities of Cleanup and Restoration of the Beth Jacob Cemetery in 2008.
  • University of Buffalo and World War II collection, 1940-1946, 5/3/30
    • Includes an honor roll of University alumni killed in the war.
  • Search our Finding Aids for organizational records.  Records of clubs, religious groups, etc. often have membership lists, photos, letters, and other material of interest.
  • Even if a named ancestor is not findable, don't forget: yearbooks, course catalogs, films, ephemera, student handbooks, and newspapers all give an idea of daily campus life.  Look at these resources for the time period appropriate to your research.  You may not find a particular name, but you'll gain an understanding of their day-to-day life at UB.

Digital Collections

University Archives continually works to add digital collections.  Visit the main UB Libraries Digital Collections for all holdings.  Below is a partial list of digitized material helpful to genealogical research: