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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Software

This guide describes how the UB Community can obtain ArcGIS Softwareand access free tutorial course offerings. Sources for GIS data are included in this guide.
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2022 10:59 AM

ArcGIS Software

ArcGIS Software

Access to Esri GIS software is available to UB affiliates in the following ways:

  • ArcGIS software is loaded on public workstations in the library and other labs and may be accessed by students.
  • Depending on your UB Academic Program, you may have user privileges to departmental GIS laboratories such as in Geography, Geology, Anthropology, Urban Planning and others. Check with your department to determine GIS software availability and user access restrictions in departmental labs.

For more information on software installation, please find your ArcGIS software product below.

*Please note: If you are having difficulty loading the CASet pages below, you may need to connect via UB's Virtual Private Network due to security concerns.

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro ArcGIS Desktop/ArcMap

UB affiliates are eligible for a free UB ArcGIS Online account, provided by the College of Arts and Sciences. This includes a license for ArcGIS Pro, which can be installed on personal or UB-owned computers.

  • Additional Esri software/apps are available -- ArcGIS StoryMaps, ArcGIS Urban, ArcGIS CityEngine, ArcGIS Business Analyst, ArcGIS GeoPlanner, ArcGIS Insights, and ArcGIS Tracker.

In order to create an account, begin by completing the CASet work order form

  • In the section titled, "Describe the issue below", add a note requesting an invitation to join UB's ArcGIS Online organization.

Once you have an organizational account, you can download the ArcGIS Pro installer here:

  • Select Licenses from the left.

Existing ArcGIS Online users can log in here: 

Please note: The 10.8.x series is the final release of ArcGIS Desktop, as Esri is recommending users migrate to ArcGIS Pro.
CASet will continue to provide the software until Esri ceases support in 2026.

The process for obtaining ArcGIS software on personally owned devices has changed. Authorization codes for students are no longer required and are not distributed by UB Libraries. 

UB affiliates can download and install ArcGIS to their personal machines using the UB IT ArcGIS Desktop page.  

Faculty and Staff are also eligible for permanent installations of Esri software on their UB owned office computers, and should request installation with College of Arts and Sciences Educational Technology

UB affiliates are eligible for ArcGIS Online access. Please note: Obtaining access to ArcGIS Online is a different process than installing the software to your personal machine. 


Open Source GIS

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ArcGIS Troubleshooting

Help for ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap is available  in the ArcGIS Help Library. It provides programming help and explanations to situations throughout the software.

Troubleshooting and technical assistance is available for all Esri products by contacting the company's Technical Support

ArcGIS on a Mac

Do you want to use ArcGIS on your Mac? Refer to these pages for ideas for running the software on a dual boot system or virtual machine: