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Harper's Weekly was perhaps 19th century America's most influential periodical. Heavily illustrated and featuring the work of many of the nation's most prominent journalists, illustrators, and literary figures, it offers an easily accessible window to all aspects of the nation's social, cultural, and political life.

HarpWeek indexes the entire contents of Harper's Weekly (this component covers 1857-1865), from advertisements to illustrations, and is browseable in facsimile and searchable through assigned subject headings, literary genres, by the role or occupation of individuals, and by full-text keyword searching. Articles viewed and printed either as facsimile pages or as text.

Searching Tips To learn about Harper's Weekly, visit HarpWeek is different from many indexes you may have used, but it is also probably more powerful, be sure to consult its Help Topics before searching. Do not rely solely on keyword searching, HarpWeek's indexing system and pre-established indexing categories--illustrations, advertisements, biographical sketches and obituaries, editorials, fiction, government proclamations, Harper's Weekly columns, news stories, maps, panoramic views, poetry, portraits, publisher's notices, and travel narratives--when combined with words and phrases, offer superior access to the periodical's contents.

Dates Covered

1857 - 1865: The Civil War Era
1866 - 1871: Reconstruction I
1872 - 1877: Reconstruction II
1878 - 1883: Gilded Age I
1884 - 1889: Gilded Age II
1890 - 1895: Gilded Age III
******* We lack (do not provide access to): 1896 - 1901: Gilded Age IV, 1902 - 1907: Gilded Age V, and 1908 - 1912: Gilded Age VI.

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Harper's Weekly

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