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Legal Research & Writing: Legal Research

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2020 3:16 PM


Getting Started

 "The first step in locating legal     

   information is to determine          

   how and where to begin."

 Kent C. Olson, Legal Information : How to Find It, How to Use It 31 (1999).

This guide is meant to provide resources you may find helpful when learning how to research efficiently. The Law Librarians are a great resource as well, so feel free to stop by the Reference desk for help!


Armstrong, Knott Where the Law is: An Introduction to Advanced Legal Research, 5th ed.  KF240 .A76 2018

Bae, Searching the Law, 3rd ed. KF 240 S43 2005 (Ref Desk)

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Fox, The Legal Research Dictionary KF 240 F69 2006 (Ref) 

Gallacher, Legal communication and research : lawyering skills for the twenty-first century
 KF240 .G35 2015 (Law Library General Collection,Reference & Study Aids)
Chapters on writing, analysis, and research

Honigsberg, Cluing into Legal Research: A Simple Guide to Finding the Law KF 240 H56 1979 (Law Library General Collection)
Succinct introduction and overview of legal system and authority

Kelso, Studying Law: An Introduction to Legal Research, 3rd ed. KF 240 K45 1999 (Law Library General Collection)

Kunz, The Process of Legal Research, 8th ed. KF 240 P76 2012 (Law Library General Collection & Reference )
Excellent! Unique Ch. 16 and 17 on practice and procedure.

Levitt, Rosch, Mining the Internet's public records for investigative research KF242 .A1 B52 2011 (Law Library General Collection, Koren AV) 

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Hazelton, Beard, Specialized Legal Research  (looseleaf) F240 .S69 2014 (Ref Desk)
Arranged by subject 

Corbin, Find the Law in the Library, 1989 KF 240 C63 1989 (Ref)
Arranged by subject: Marriage, Business, Tort, etc.

Gardner, Stewart, Worsham, Tax Research Techniques, 8th ed. KF 241 T38 S55 2008 (Ref)

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A resource for finding federal government information.

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Algero, Mary Garvey, Federal Legal Research KF240 .F48 2014