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MGG 199 Corporate Social Responsibility: Finding Corporate Responsibility Articles

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018 1:12 PM

Corporate Social Responsibility

Assignment on finding 2 articles regarding Corporate Social Responsibility

The best database to use for this assignment is the Business Source Complete database; this database provides full-text access to more than 3,000 business periodicals, including journals, magazines, and newsletters.  This database uses the subject heading “social responsibility of business” to cover the topic of corporate social responsibility (subject headings can help you more precisely search for articles in databases; they’re similar to hashtags when searching social media).  To get at articles that deal with individual companies and social responsibility, you will need to search for the words Inc or Corp in the Company Entity field.

Steps in running the topic of your search in Business Source Complete:

[You can visually see what your search should look like here: ]

  1. Connect to the Business Source Complete database here:

  2. In the first search box type in this phrase:SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESS

    (Note: make sure you type in the entire phrase yourself, don’t click on the type-ahead phrase when it comes up, if you do, you won’t see the full range of your search/limit options)

  3. In the second search box, type in:INC or CORP

    (Change the pulldown option to CO Company Entity)

  4. In the “Limit your results” section, place a checkmark in the Full Text box.

  5. In the “Limit your results” section, under Published Date, have beginning year 2015 and ending year 2016

  6. In the “Limit your results” section, under Number of Pages, change to Greater than 2

    (this should reduce the number of very short articles)