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ENG 105 - Multimodal Resources: Podcast

Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024 3:56 PM

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A podcast is an excellent choice for your project if there are video or audio interviews surrounding your topic, if you know someone directly affected by your topic, or if you listen to podcasts a lot and are familiar with how they work. Your podcast should include:

  1. At least five minutes of audio
  2. At least a couple voices other than your own. This can include:
    • An audio clip from an interview found on the internet
    • An audio clip from an interview you have conducted
    • A conversation with someone else about your topic
    • An audio clip (such as an interview or recorded presentation) by the authors of any of your sources.
  3. Quotes from the eight (8) sources on your annotated bibliography, framed as you would a direct quote in your essay.
  4. A podcast episode description, which includes the references to the audio you have used (interview reference, music reference)