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You can email ASKHSL when you need library help. Or call the Reference On-call service at 829-5683.  We also have an Instant Librarian Chat Service.

[This guide was originally created by Sharon Murphy, Liaison to the UB School of Nursing]

Two Databases You Need to Know About


For finding articles suitable for your Future Trends Article and Group Debate assignments you might find some short tutorials helpful. 

Professional Articles/References/Citations

You need to use professional resource material.  Are you wondering how to tell the difference between scholarly and popular articles?

92 second YouTube video -  APOLOGIES in ADVANCE for the 10-second commercial that may display

or look at another readable and printable summary to tell the difference between popular and scholarly articles.

  • Tip: Nursing ResearchANS: Advances in Nursing Science, and Cardiovascular Nursing are scholarly nursing journals.
  • These are not: AAOHN (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses) NewsHospital and Nursing Home WeekNurse Practitioner World NewsNursing Bulletin.

By the way, do you know what "Peer Reviewed" or "Refereed" Mean?  Here's an excellent and easy read.  

Use Ulrich's Global Serials Directory to find out if a journal is refereed. Or look at the journal’s website.

Get some ideas by browsing Science Daily or The Wall Street Journal and typing in health - filter by NIH or another agency.

All of the following searchable subject terms have trends as a subheading in CINAHL:

  • genetic counseling
  • genetic screening
  • advertising
  • consumer participation
  • emigration and immigration
  • healthcare disparities
  • multidisciplinary care team
  • ethics
  • substance dependence
  • cultural competence
  • wellness

Try these terms limiting to TITLE in CINAHL:

  • personalized medicine
  • deep sedation
  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
  • hospital at home
  • medical home
  • health literacy
  • emerging infectious diseases

Try these subject terms on their own

  • social determinants of health
  • genetic privacy
  • cultural competence
  • social marketing
  • sedation (combined with) terminal care
  • bioterrorism
  • special populations
  • transients and migrants
  • CPR (combined with) family (with) presence

All of the following searchable subject terms have trends as a subheading in Medline:

  • individualized medicine
  • pharmacogenetics
  • genetic privacy (interested in the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008?)
  • genetic counseling
  • genetic testing
  • advertising as topic
  • healthcare disparities
  • consumer participation

Try these terms limiting to the TITLE in Medline:

  • hospital at home
  • medical home

Try these subject terms on their own

  • cultural competency
  • social marketing
  • bioterrorism
  • health status disparities
  • health literacy
  • emigration and immigration
  • transients and migrants

Electronic Journals

When you already have the citation information for a journal article that you would like (if you need to identify articles on your topic - use the databases):

Click on the Find Materials drop down to Journals link on the Abbott Library's main page

As a rule-of-thumb, most e-journals began around 1995. Use the links above or request it by Delivery+  - free, fast, and we'll send you an electronic copy.


You need to use the APA 2020 manual (7th edition) for proper formatting.

A complete online copy is not available but maybe these links will answer most of your APA formatting questions.

Online books: APA Style Simplified or APA Style Guide to Electronic References

HSL's Print copy

Academic Writers Tutorial: Basics of the 7th Edition APA Style

Need a visual? Here’s a sample step-by-step paper prepared by APA using the 7th edition.

APA's Frequently Asked Questions

Another source for quick answers - Purdue OWL - Online Writing Lab

Other Handy Things to Know

Many More Databases

The library has many more biomedical databases for you. Here is a list of databases useful for nurses that I have compiled for you, with links.  Also, consult our more comprehensive biomedical database list.

Database Limiters

Databases have ways to limit or refine your search.

In CINAHL, good limiters to keep in mind include:

  • English language
  • last 5 years
  • journal article (eliminates opinion pieces, editorials...)
  • research article
  • peer-reviewed
  • journal subset Nursing or Core Nursing


Oh, no! Did you find a great article and UB does not have it? We’ll get it for you - fast and at no charge to you.

Presenting Your Stuff

Evaluating Health Websites - a one page sheet from the National Library of Medicine covering what you should notice


Find out what this software does and how it can help you with writing and citing. (runtime 90 seconds)

Download EndNote - no charge

Here’s how to Export references from EBSCO (CINAHL) into EndNote (EndNote software must be on your computer):

  • Conduct search
  • Click on the “Add to Folder” link for each item you want
  • When you have added all of your desired citations to your folder, click on “Folder has items” (located above your search results or on the right hand side “Go to: folder view”)
  • Check items to export
  • Click on Export

Select Direct Export to EndNote, ProCite, CITAVI, or Reference Manager and then click on Save.

Even if EndNote is closed, this action will launch EndNote. Choose your EndNote library.

The citations you selected will automatically be exported to your EndNote library.

Contact if you would like a copy of the EndNote handout we use when teaching classes.


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