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New York State: Microfiche Collection

Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024 4:24 PM

Finding Monographs

  • Using the Dictionary Catalog, (Lockwood Reference Z1223.5 .N7 D5 ) locate documents of interest.
  • Notice the sequence of letters and numbers in parentheses at the end of the description
  • The last sequence of numbers,separated by a hypen, is an accession number (i.e. 79-70367)
  • Locate the "Reel Guide".  Entries are arranged by accession number.  R6= microfilm reel number, report is the 26th item on the reel

Accession Number Example



Description / Access


During the 1970s a company named Research Publications, Inc. agreed to film New York government documents as they were issued so that libraries could obtain and maintain complete collections more efficiently. This collection on microfilm includes almost all uncopyrighted state documents, both monographs and serials, acquired by the New York State Library from September 1974 through April 1983. (The Jan-Apr 1983 segment duplicates depository microfiche.) Included are annual reports of state agencies, statistical reports, legislative investigations and bills, informational leaflets and brochures, newsletters, magazines, and other types of material covering a wide variety of subjects.

NYS Documents are available in the Lockwood Library microfiche collection at call number MicFilm J87 .N74 .


Individual titles in this particular microfilm collection have not been cataloged at UB, although the University Libraries own hundreds of NYS government documents from the time period 1974 to 1983 that were cataloged and can be found using the UB Libraries Catalog. Access to the more complete collection on the microfilm is through various print tools located in the reference collection.

Publications were filmed monthly and appear on the microfilm either in the same order as they are listed in the corresponding Checklist of Official Publications of the State of New York or rearranged by time accession number (Mar. 1977--Dec. 1982). Periodical issues, although not listed individually in the Checklist , do appear on the microfilm following the monographs each month. The microfilm reels are labeled with the volume, issue number, month, and year of the corresponding Checklist , plus the range of numbers included on that particular reel. Each frame (filmed page) on the microfilm itself is labeled with an identifying number of the following types:

  • the entry number from the Checklist (Sep 1974 through Feb 1977)
  • the NYS Library's time accession number (Mar 1977 through Apr 1983)
  • the P number (for periodicals)

Finding Serials


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