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Score Call Numbers in the Music Library: Choral Music

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Last Updated: Oct 2, 2019 3:13 PM


Scores for choral ensembles are classed in M8. Chorus music is classified according to number of movements and accompaniment. There is no distinction by type of chorus--that is, a single class will include music for women's chorus, men's chorus, children's chorus, unison chorus, SATB mixed chorus, or other configurations.

For scores of sacred choral works (choruses, motets, masses, service music, hymns, and chant), please see the section on Sacred Music.

Chorus Class Numbers

Common chorus class numbers (secular)

  • M8 - Miscellaneous collections, sacred and secular, original instrumentation and arrangements, one composer or several
  • M81 - Secular choral works with multiple movements, with their original accompaniment
  • M81=01 - Secular choral works with multiple movements, with original accompaniment arranged for piano (vocal scores)
  • M810 - Secular choral works with multiple movements, without accompaniment
  • M820 - Secular choral works with only one movement; Madrigals

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