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Score Call Numbers in the Music Library: Vocal Music

How to read M call numbers, M call number browsing, class M outline, and guides for specific genres of music
Last Updated: Oct 2, 2019 3:13 PM


Solo vocal music scores in the Music Library are in two main sections: M7 and M9. See below for specific types of music. One section of particular interest for singers is M7, where you will find compilations that include multiple genres of vocal music, including art songs, arias, musical theatre, and popular music; accompaniments vary.

Solo songs

Solo vocal music is classed in M71 (secular) or M75 (sacred). Common call numbers:

  • M71 - Scores for works written for voice and piano, or voice and other solo instrument. Art song collections appear at the beginning of this section, with call numbers that begin M71 A3.
  • M710 - Scores for solo voice, unaccompanied
  • M71019=01 - Scores for solo voice with continuo (realized, i.e., arranged for piano/keyboard)
  • M7105 - Scores for voice with chamber ensemble
  • M7105=01 - Scores for voice and piano, originally for voice with chamber ensemble (vocal scores)
  • M7106 - Scores for voice and piano, originally for voice with orchestra (vocal scores)
  • M7106=01 - Scores for voice and piano, originally for voice with orchestra (vocal scores)
  • M715 - Scores of secular solo cantatas, any accompaniment

Operas and Arias

Arias that can be performed with piano accompaniment are found in two main places:

  • M7 - Compilations of various types of vocal music, including both art songs and arias, and possibly also musical theatre or popular music. Use the catalog or ask a librarian to identify collections that have the individual work you are looking for.
  • M91=01 - Vocal scores of operas. These are usually for the whole opera, and by definition, your aria will be included.


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