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Treaty Sources: Non-US Treaty Sources

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2023 3:50 PM

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This page lists resources that can be used to research treaties and other international agreements to which the U.S. is not necessarily a party.



  • CTS Consolidated Treaty Series (Parry) 
  • LNTS League of Nations Treaty Series
  • UNTS United Nations Treaty Series
  • ILM International Legal Materials

Treaty Indexes - Multinational

Treaty Indexes

Bowman & Harris, Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status 1984-1995KZ118 .B69 1984 (Ref)
Indexes and provides basic information and status for 800 multilateral treaties. Notes refer to over 150 additional treaties, including status information. Chronological, subject and word access. Supplements ceased.

Kavass, ed., The Current United Nations Treaty Index
A printed index to current treaties and international agreements published in the United Nations Treaty Series vols. 1229-1503. Includes a numerical list, chronological index, country/organizations index, and subject index. See United Nations Master Treaty Index on CD below.

Kavass, ed., United Nations Master Treaty Index on CD-ROM (CD) JX170 .U355 (Koren AV)
Eventually this source will index all treaties published in the United Nations Treaty Series and current treaties registered with the Secretary General of the U.N. To date, the index covers vol. 1229 - 1503 UNTS.(1995-1999)

Index to Multilateral Treaties: A Chronological List of Multi-party International Agreements from the Sixteenth Century Through 1963, with Citations to Their Text (Harvard Law School) KZ171 .I53 1965 (Also Ref)
Arranged by signature date. Subject index.

World Treaty Index (1900-1980) KZ173 .R64 1983 (Ref);
Indexes multilateral and bilateral treaties from national collections as well as United Nations and League of Nations. Chronological, keyword, party index.

EISIL Electronic Information System for International Law (ASIL)
This is a free database of authenticated primary and other international law materials located in libraries, archives and specialized web sites. Updated regularly.
Use to identify important treaties and other resources. Be sure to click on "more information" under the name of each document to see: the legal citations, entry into force and signature dates, amendments and brief descriptions.

Status of Treaties - Multinational

Status of Treaties (very selective)

  • Chart Showing Signatures and Ratifications of Conventions and Agreements Concluded within the Council of Europe (through 1999)KJC 39 C64 1988 (Ref); Online
  • European Treaty Series 1949+ (Known as Council of Europe Council of Europe Treaty Series 2004+)) KZ 625.3 C68; Online version of European Treaty Series 1949+
    Click on specific convention to see status.
  • GATT Status of Legal Instruments (~1971-1994) K4609.5 .A23 1971 (Ref)
  • Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General (United Nations) KZ171 .M86 (Ref); Online
    Consolidates information on multilateral treaties: signatures, ratifications, accessions, reservations, declarations, objections, etc. Cites only.
  • Human Rights Law Journal K8 U454
    See specifically the annual article, Jean-Bernard, "International Instruments Relating to Human Rights: Classification and Status of Ratifications as of 1 January 19--/" This annual article is a guide to ratifications of universal, regional, specific, group protection and discrimination conventions. Subject index and country index. For each convention a full citation and list of ratifying countries. Latest in green notebook at Reference.
  • Netherlands International Law Review K14 .E285 (Also Koren AV); Cambridge Journals
    See specifically, the annual article, "Information concerning the Hague Conventions on Private International Law: Situation as of 1 Aug. --."
  • List of Ratifications of Conventions as at 31 Dec. (1981-1989), K 1763 A35 L57;
  • Status of Multilateral Conventions an Instruments in Respect of which the International Maritime Organization or its Secretary-General Performs Repository or Other Functions as at 31 December 19-- K 4163 S73 (Ref);

treaty Series - Multinational

Texts of Treaties

Parry's Consolidated Treaty Series (CTS) KZ 120 P35 1969
Covers treaties 1648-1919. Chronological arrangement. Indexed by Index-Guide to Treaties volume. General chronological, special chronological and party access.

League of Nations Treaty Series (LNTS) 1920-1946 KZ 170.5 T74
Treaties of member and non-member nations registered with Secretariat General. Index at INT 62.98 L431
Also online on HeinOnline

United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS) 1944+ KZ172 .T74 (Some vols. also on CD Rom in Koren AV);
Also online on HeinOnline
Volumes before 2005 in the Annex (off-site storage)
Treaties arranged by date of registration with Secretariat. Cumulative indexes provide access by signature, date, country and subject.

International Legal Materials (ILM) 1962+ JX 68 I5 (Ref); Westlaw and lexis*; HeinOnline
Publishes texts of treaties and agreements before ratification. Often the only published source for treaties unratified or not in force.

European Conventions and Agreements, 1949+ KZ 626 1971

European Treaty Series 1949+ (Known as Council of Europe Council of Europe Treaty Series 2004+) KZ 625.3 C68;also Online
Click on specific convention to see status.

African Union (and OAU) Treaties and Conventions (includes status information)

Inter-American Treaties and Conventions
General Secretariat 1970+ (Microfiche) INT 94.7 T74 (Koren AV);
Also Online
Collection of multilateral agreements sponsored by the OAS. Index.

Flare Index to Treaties

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