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World War II Captured Maps : UB Collection - Estonia

The purpose of this guide is to introduce researchers to the scope of the World War II Captured Maps in the UB Libraries Map Collection. Additional resources about captured maps are provided, as well.
Last Updated: May 22, 2024 10:01 AM

map of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with German names and colors to highlight towns




The UB Libraries Map Collection houses 90 maps of Estonia from the German captured maps. These maps are from a portion of what the Nazi regime referred to as Reichkommissariat Ostland, which also included Latvia and Lithuania. To aid users in finding maps from this series, the below inventory table was created. 


Specifics about UB Libraries' collection of Ostland maps:

  • The scale of the Ostland maps is 1:50,000. 
  • Most of the maps are single-sided.
  • The names of the map sheets and geographic names listed have been transliterated. For example, many towns and villages with the letter V appear as W in the names below.
  • These maps are not available for loan. Researchers may contact the map librarian to arrange an in-person viewing. If travel to Buffalo isn't possible, the map librarian may be able to photograph or scan small portions of the maps


Wikimedia Commons, Administrative Divisions of Reichskommissariat Ostland (2008). Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


The below description of these maps is from Technical Manual No. 5-248, Department of the Army, 12 June 1956:

Ostland (Eastern Territories) and Russland (Russia) ; 1 : 50,000; Generalstab des Herres; 1942-45; Deutsches Heeresgitter (German Army grid).This polychrome series provides coverage for the eastern half of Estonia, about four-fifths of Latvia, and a small part of northern Lithuania. The majority of the maps do not have a legend, but the map symbols used are the same as those on the native German and Russian maps from which they were compiled. Relief is shown on most sheets by contours at intervals of 5 and 10 meters. On some sheets based on Russian maps, however, the intervals are 4.27 and 8.53" meters (2 and 4 sazhens) . A photo-coverage diagram in the sheet margin shows the extent of the photography used in the compilation. In contrast to the sheet-line system used for German 1 50,000 series elsewhere in Europe, the sheet lines of the Ostland and Russland series follow the Russian system of sheet lines and numbering.

Sheet Name

Sheet Number


AMS Accession Number

Lõupõllu 0-34-69-C Oct-44 106291
Abruka 0-34-69-D Oct-44 106535
Torkenhof 0-34-81-A Oct-44 106294
Jaunciems 0-34-94-D Dec-44 106278
Vainode 0-34-128-D Dec-44 59383
Mitau 0-34-132-A Aug-44 121086
Vircava 0-34-132-B Aug-44 121088
Klooga Rand 0-35-13-D Aug-44 108181
Nõmme 0-35-14-C Mar-44 107886
Reval (Tallinn) 0-35-14-D Mar-44 107888
Prangli 0-35-15-A Mar-44 107892
Raasiku 0-35-15-C Mar-44 122592
Kehra 0-35-15-D Mar-44 122593
Loksa 0-35-16-A Mar-44 121116
Võsu 0-35-16-B Mar-44 118457
Hirvli 0-35-16-C Mar-44 122595
Vihula 0-35-17-A Feb-44 120702
Karepa 0-35-17-B Feb-44 123830
Kadrina 0-35-17-C Feb-44 121373
Wesenberg 0-35-17-D Feb-44 123831
Püssi 0-35-19-C Feb-44 107916
Jewe (Jõhwi) 0-35-19-D Feb-44 107918
Udria 0-35-20-D Apr-44 108189
Saku 0-35-26-A Jun-44 108207
Vaida 0-35-26-B Jun-44 108212
Hageri 0-35-26-C Jun-44 108213
Rapla 0-35-26-D May-44 108218
Kose 0-35-27-A Jun-44 108223
Kuimetsa 0-35-27-C Jun-44 107407
Paunkula 0-35-27-D Jun-44 107406
Aegviidu 0-35-28-A Jun-44 107401
Järva-Madise 0-35-28-C Jun-44 107393
Jarva-Jaani 0-35-28-D Jun-44 107390
Saksi 0-35-29-A Feb-44 107388
Tamsalu 0-35-29-C Feb-44 16050
Wäike-Maarja 0-35-29-D Nov-44 15809
Mannikvalia 0-35-30-A Feb-44 23934
Tudu 0-35-30-B Feb-44 107383
Wiru-Roela 0-35-30-C Feb-44 107922
Pagari 0-35-31-B Feb-44 107379
Tudulinna 0-35-31-C Feb-44 107925
Alajõe 0-35-31-D Feb-44 110495
Kurtna 0-35-32-A Aug-44 Missing
Kurtna 0-35-32-A Illegible Missing
Vihtse 0-35-32-C Illegible Missing
Omuti 0-35-32-D Apr-44 107376
Rakke 0-35-41-A Feb-44 107346
Salla 0-35-41-B Feb-44 107343
Aidu 0-35-41-C Feb-44 16057
Jõgewa 0-35-41-D Feb-44 107339
Pedasi 0-35-42-A Feb-44 107927
Mustwee 0-35-42-B Feb-44 121347
Wenejula 0-35-43-A Feb-44 121097
Kodawere 0-35-43-C Feb-44 107930
Moklotschno* 0-35-45-D Sep-44 107638
Võhma 0-35-52-A Sep-44 107902
Oberpahlen 0-35-52-B Sep-44 107907
Fellin 0-35-52-C Sep-44 107632
Kaavere 0-35-52-D Sep-44 107638
Paistu 0-35-64-A Sep-44 121380
Mustel 0-35-64-B Aug-44 123840
Nuia 0-35-64-C Sep-44 120001
Kärstna 0-35-64-D Aug-44 120006
Rannu 0-35-65-A Aug-44 120008
Elwa 0-35-65-B Aug-44 119949
Puka 0-35-65-C Aug-44 119953
Odenpäh 0-35-65-D Aug-44 120181
Vana-Kuuste 0-35-66-B Feb-44 16062
Lutika 0-35-66-C Aug-44 120011
Valgemetsa 0-35-66-D Feb-44 107685
Võnnu 0-35-67-A Feb-44 120015
Mehikoorma 0-35-67-B Feb-44 107687
Põlva 0-35-67-C Feb-44 Missing
Räpina 0-35-67-D Feb-44 107695
Võõpsu 0-35-68-C Feb-44 107705
Rujen 0-35-75-B Sep-44 119955
Renceni 0-35-75-D Sep-44 123842
Taagepera 0-35-76-A Aug-44 120185
Koorküla 0-35-76-B Illegible Missing
Tsirguliina 0-35-77-A Aug-44 108660
Sangaste 0-35-77-B Aug-44 121384
Walk 0-35-77-C Aug-44 123848
Karula 0-35-77-D Aug-44 108661
Urwaste 0-35-78-A Aug-44 120712
Werro (Võru) 0-35-78-B Aug-44 123851
Anzen 0-35-78-C Jul-44 121388
Rõuge 0-35-78-D Mar-44 108667
Kreutzburg 0-35-124-B Illegible Missing
Lievenhof 0-35-125 Oct-44 Missing