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World War II Captured Maps : Further Reading and Resources

The purpose of this guide is to introduce researchers to the scope of the World War II Captured Maps in the UB Libraries Map Collection. Additional resources about captured maps are provided, as well.
Last Updated: May 22, 2024 10:01 AM

WWII Maps in Other Libraries



Allied Forces

Scholarly Articles (Selected List)

A. F. Tatham (1978) German Military Mapping—an Exploratory Survey, The Cartographic Journal, 15:1, 20-27, DOI: 10.1179/caj.1978.15.1.20

Matthew D. Mingus (2012) Disseminating the Maps of a Postwar World: A Case Study of the University of Florida's Participation in Government Depository ProgramsJournal of Map & Geography Libraries 8:1, pages 5-20.

Paige G. Andrew, L.K. McElfresh, & L.R. Musser (2020) “Will Work for Maps”: A History of the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Special Map Processing ProjectJournal of Map & Geography Libraries 16:2, pages 194-223.

Susan Powell, Heiko Mühr. (2021) Capturing the Complex Histories of German World War II Captured MapsJournal of Map & Geography Libraries 16:2, pages 166-193.

Julie Sweetkind-Singer, Gregory March (2021) Acquisition of World War II Captured Maps: A Case StudyJournal of Map & Geography Libraries 16:2, pages 140-165.


Additional Resources about Captured Maps