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Architecture: Guide to Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2020 3:38 PM

Guide to Avery Index - Finding Floor Plans

Avery Index contains citations and often abstracts to an international array of journal articles on world architecture and architects. It offers coverage for other related areas such as historic preservation, computer-assisted design, urban planning, interior design, landscape architecture, and archaeology.

Dates Covered 1930's to present, with selective coverage back to 1860's. Updated weekly.

To search for floor plans in Avery, type in the building and/or architect into the search boxes. Make sure you select "plans" in the Physical Description box:

Avery search box

Click on the Search button.

Retrieving Articles from Avery:

Select the article you want, pay attention to the citation, it will display as Source:... Click on the Article Linker button on the left side of the screen and click through to get to the article or to the UB Libraries catalog for find the call number of the journal. 

Searching Avery

The next steps: 

You can choose the Delivery+ option to get the floor plans (if APL does not own physical copies of the journal), however they may not be scanned to your specifications and it is a 2 -3 day turn around time to receive the scans in your email.

You can check to see if APL owns the journal by clicking on the "Search Catalog by ISSN" button


finding article

Click on the title of the Journal - Progressive Architecture: 


Make sure APL has the volume number and year of the journal and make sure to write down the call number. 

It is good to always make a note or a screen capture of the full citation of the article that has the floor plans you need: 

Airport development planning
Progressive architecture, 1961 Nov., v. 42, p. 158-[163], illustrations, plans, diagrams

locating article

The floor plans on Dulles International Airport are in the article from the journal Progressive Architecture. To locate the floor plans, find the journal by looking for the call number in the Bound Periodicals/Journals section in APL.

floor plan of 3rd floor Abbott

There is a scanner in the Architecture & Planning Library (APL), 3rd floor of Abbott Hall. You can scan the article as a .jpg or a pdf and at a high resolution. Here is the first two pages of the article scanned: 

article scan


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