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Buddhism: Online Resources

Last Updated: May 15, 2024 3:52 PM

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Three plaster heads of the Buddha from Hadda, Afghanistan
Above: Three plaster heads of the Buddha from Hadda, Afghanistan, ca. 4th-3rd c. BCE, showing the strong influence of Greek art in the region.


Thangka of the Buddha
Above: A thangka or Tibetan scroll painting depicting the Buddha flanked by two monks and surrounded by dragons.

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Scroll segment from Deeds of the Zen Masters
Above: A segment of the Yuan-era (14th c. CE) scroll The Deeds of the Zen Masters by Indara (Yin Tuo Luo) depicting the monk Tanka burning statues of the Buddha.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Image author: Anonymous. Image license: Public domain.

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