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Geology: Online Encyclopedias & Handbooks

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024 11:57 AM

Online Encyclopedias

  • Encyclopedia of Geology (2005, Elsevier)
    Covers earth history, earth materials, surface processes, regional geology, economic geology, engineering geology, petroleum geology, geochemical and mineral exploration, the history of geology, and more.
  • Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science (2007, Elsevier)
    The Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science seeks to provide authoritative and comprehensive coverage of quaternary science, a multi-disciplinary field of research spanning the geography, biology, physics, and chemistry of the earth.
  • Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences: Marine Biology (2010, Academic Press)
    Marine Biology is a derivative of the Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, 2nd Edition, and serves as an important reference on a broad variety of marine plant and animal species and their physical and chemical environments.

Online Handbooks

  • The Geoscience Handbook: AGI Data Sheets (2009, AGI)
    This handbook provides quick reference for key metrics and concepts as well as short tutorials on diverse subjects ranging from geophysics to geologic map symbols to GPS usage.
  • The Cambridge Handbook of Earth Science Data (2009, Cambridge University Press)
    This handbook brings together physical, chemical, biological and historical data in a series of tables, supplemented by maps, charts and color plates.
  • A Student's Guide to Geophysical Equations (2011, Cambridge University Press)
    This guide presents full derivations for the classical equations of gravitation, gravity, tides, earth rotation, heat, geomagnetism and foundational seismology, illustrated with simple schematic diagrams..
  • Fundamentals of Glacier Dynamics (2013, CRC Press)


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