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Geology: Field Guides

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024 11:57 AM

New York State Geological Association Guidebooks

NYSAG Guidebook Archives

Published annually by the NYS Geological Association, the Field Trip Guidebooks are produced from annual meetings held at host institutions around New York State. The field trips highlight areas of geologic interest typically in the regions of the host institutions, as well as surrounding vicinities and adjacent states. The NYSAG makes the 1960-2012 guidebooks available for free from its website in PDF format. Access is organized by decade:

In addition, the guidebooks are available going back to 1956 in print in Lockwood Library Book Collection and can be checked out. They are shelved under the call number: QE145 .N56

Below is a "place" index to the field trip guidebooks:

1956, 28th, Rochester

1957, 29th, Wellsville

1958, 30th, Peekskill

1959, 31st, Ithaca

1960, 32nd, Clinton

1961, 33rd, Troy

1962, 34th, Port Jervis

1963, 35th, Binghamton

1964, 36th, Syracuse

1965, 37th, Schenectady

1966, 38th, Niagara Falls

1967, 39th, Newburgh

1968,, 40th, Flushing

1969, 41st, Plattsburgh

1970, 42nd, Cortland

1971, 43rd, Potsdam

1972, 44th, Utica

1973, 45th, Rochester

1974, 46th, Fredonia

1975, 47th, Hempstead

1976, 48th, Poughkeepsie

1977, 49th, Oneonta

1978, 50th, Syracuse

1979, 51st, Troy

1980, 52nd, Newark, NJ

1981, 53rd, Binghamton

1982, 54th, Amherst

1983, 55th, Potsdam

1984, 56th, Clinton

1985, 57th, Saratoga Springs

1986, 58th, Ithaca

1987, 59th, Kingston

1988, 60th, Plattsburgh

1989, 61st, Middletown

1990, 62nd, Fredonia

1991, 63rd, Oneonta

1992, 64th, Hamilton/Saranac Lake

1993, 65th, Canton

1994, 66th, Rochester

1995, 67th, Schenectady

1996, 68th, Staten Island

1997, 69th, Clinton

1998, 70th, Binghamton

1999, 71st, Fredonia

2000, 72nd, Geneva

2001, 73rd, Hudson Valley

2002, 74th, Lake George

2003, 75th, Oneonta

2004, 76th, Potsdam

2005, 77th, Oswego

2006, 78th, Amherst

2007, 79th, Cortland

2008, 80th, Lake George

2009, 81st, New Paltz

2010, 82nd, Staten Island

2011, 83rd, Syracuse

2012, 84th, Clinton



Geologic Guide Books of North America

Geologic Guidebooks of North America

Hosted by the American Geosciences Institute, this database consists of references to geologic field trip guidebooks of North America. Most of the guidebooks cited are from the period 1940-1988. A few are from earlier years.

International Field Guides

International Field Guides

This database, maintained by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, can be used to identify field guides. The field guides in this database are classified by type of organism and region covered. You can search the database by title, contributor, or subject term.


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