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Yvar Mikhashoff Resources: Archival Collections

Guide to resources concerning composer/pianist Yvar Mikhashoff.
Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024 4:46 PM

Archival Collections

Papers that document Yvar Mikhashoff's life and career consist of correspondence to and from Mikhashoff, concert programs, his prose writings, articles written about him, and various personal documents. Some of this material is held within collections with a broader scope than just Mikhashoff. The chief resources in the Music Library for Mikhashoff papers are listed below.

Yvar Mikhashoff Papers (Mus. Arc. 1.1)

Mikhashoff's extensive personal collection, containing personal documents, programs, correspondence, and clippings.

North American New Music Festival Archive (Mus. Arc. 13)

Yvar Mikhashoff and Jan Williams co-founded the North American New Music Festival at the University at Buffalo in 1983. It ran until 1993. This collection contains documentation of the festival. 

Music Department Notebooks (Treasure Room)

Circa 133 binders containing clippings, programs, reviews, and announcements for musical events offered under the auspices of the Music Department since 1960. Arranged in chronological order with no other indexing.

Scores for compositions by Yvar Mikhashoff are held in a few different archival collections in the UB Music Library.

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Compositions (Mus. Arc. 1.2)

The collection contains the scores of Mikhashoff's own compositions.

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Transcriptions (Mus. Arc. 1.3)

The collection contains Mikhashoff's arrangements of works by other composers, including the series of opera transcriptions for solo piano.

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Annotated Scores (Mus. Arc. 1.7)

The collection contains approximately 1200 scores, half of which bear markings entered by Mikhashoff or his colleagues in preparation for performance. The collection includes manuscripts and print publications, both originals and reproductions.

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Tangos (Mus. Arc. 1.10)

The collection contains photocopies of musical scores for 127 tangos for solo piano from 127 composers. The collection also documents the process by which Mikhashoff commissioned and performed the tangos. It includes correspondence, Mikhashoff's research into the history of the tango, and performance materials (i.e. programs and reviews). Composers commissioned for this project include Milton Babbitt, Lukas Foss, Otto Luening, Conlon Nancarrow, Luis de Pablo,and Nils Vigeland.

A supplementary list shows information about the publication and availability of the tangos.

The UB Music Library holds archival recordings of Yvar Mikhashoff's compositions and arrangements, as well as recordings of Mikhashoff as pianist. Some recordings include his spoken introductions to works. The recordings are divided into several collections.

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Reel to Reel Tapes (Mus. Arc. 1.4)

A collection of reel to reel tapes, LPs, and CDs documenting the compositions and performances by Yvar Mikhashoff.

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Cassette Recordings (Mus. Arc. 1.6)

Collection of cassette recordings containing either works by or performances by Yvar Mikhashoff.

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Video Recordings (Mus. Arc. 1.8)

The collection contains thirty-one video and eight audio recordings on video cassettes, most with Yvar Mikhashoff present as performer.

Concert performances of music by Yvar Mikhashoff and recordings of him as a performer at UB can be found in the following tape series.