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Social Work: Top Resources

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 9:16 AM

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  1. Databases & Journals
  2. Tests
  3. Books
  4. Additional Resources
  5. APA Style Guide
  6. Video Resources

Databases & Journals

Use databases to find journals, articles, and other e-publications. The most frequently used social work databases are listed below. If you are unsure of where to start, contact your librarian (Amanda McCormick) or visit this tutorial created by UB Libraries


Tests: What You Need to Know

Libraries generally do not buy commercially published tests due to use and copyright restrictions imposed by publishers. This makes locating copies of tests difficult. There are, however, two things you can do to reduce frustration. First, decide whether you need an actual copy of the test or whether a detailed description will do (i.e. reliability and validity data, sample items, a review). Information about a test is usually much easier to find than the test itself. Second, decide whether you must have one particular test or if any relevant instrument will do. 

  • Online Tests and Measures  This website is a clearinghouse for HIV/AIDS researchers maintained by the Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services at UCLA. Among the resources it provides, are online copies of assessment scales, surveys and other instruments. Many of these are not specific to HIV/AIDS. They address aspects of personality and behavior that are applicable to the general population in areas such as anxiety, substance abuse, conduct problems, family dynamics, depression, and the like. Includes the full-text of several hundred instruments.


Social work books may be found at the Lockwood Library on North Campus. They are arranged by call number. Look for the letters HV on the spine of the book. These books may be borrowed from the library. If you need additional assistance, please visit our Reference Desk on Lockwood 2 or, if that is closed, use the UB Libraries' chat service.

  • Measures for Clinical Practice (Corcoran and Fischer) Contains copies of several hundred "unpublished" (i.e. less well-known) instruments. Covers a range of traits and disorders including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, family functioning, assertiveness, and the like. These instruments are ideal for class assignments and short-term projects.
  • Social Work E-books The University Libraries provide access to hundreds of e-books in social work published in recent years. These books can be read on computers or e-readers, or partially printed (up to 20% of book in most cases). To find e-books, go to the University Libraries' homepage, click on the e-books tab above the search box, enter keywords of interest.

Additional Resources

APA Style Guides

Includes tutorials and help pages for the APA style guide. Presented by the APA.

A guide showing practical examples of how to use the APA Style Guide. 

Video Resources

Counseling & Psychotherapy in Video and Sound

Lockwood Library supports a rich collection of DVDs and streamable sound recordings produced by the American Psychological Association and other publishers. These recordings present real and simulated clinical sessions. They offer a unique opportunity to see and hear luminaries such as Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis, and Virginia Satir, as well as ordinary practitioners, in action. The 200+ videos in this collection are housed with multimedia resources on the third floor of Silverman Library (645-1328). The loan period for these materials is 10 days. Several dozen streamable sound recordings are also available. These may be accessed through the University Libraries' catalog by title, or under the keywords "streaming audio and psychotherapy," "streaming audio and relaxation," etc.


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