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Affordable & Open Educational Resources: Preparing Text

Pressbooks published at UB
Last Updated: May 13, 2024 1:51 PM

Preparing Text

Pressbooks can import text directly from a Word file. The importer will bring in all your chapters, and basic styling (italic, bold, numbered and unnumbered lists, Heading2, Heading3, paragraph breaks, etc). Note that the importer will import only BASIC styling. It should not import font choices, colors, etc.

The cleaner your Word file is to begin with, the less cleanup you will need to do to your book in Pressbooks.

Steps for preparing your document for import:

  1. Select all your text in Word and make sure the Normal style is applied to all basic text.
  2. If your file contains all or most of the text for your book, chapter headings MUST be tagged as Heading1.
  3. Subsections within each chapter can be tagged as Heading2, Heading3, and Heading4, as needed.
  4. The SUNY Create admin can import your text for you, or they can teach you how to do it yourself.