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Affordable & Open Educational Resources: Pressbooks at UB

Pressbooks published at UB
Last Updated: May 13, 2024 1:51 PM

Pressbooks at UB

These are titles published in Pressbooks by members of the UB community.

If you know of Pressbooks title that should be in this list, please email with the information. Thank you!


Basic Concepts of Structural Design for Architecture Students by Anahita Khodadadi

This book aims to narrate fundamental concepts of structural design to architecture students such that they have minimum involvement with math problem-solving. Within this book, students learn about different types of loads, forces and vector addition, the concept of equilibrium, internal forces, geometrical and material properties of structural elements, and rules of thumb for estimating the proportion of some structural systems such as catenary cables and arches, trusses, and frame structures.


Book coverPsychological Testing Manual: Basic Concepts in Psychological Testing by Scott Thomas Meier

This booklet helps the reader learn and review basic concepts of reliability and validity, types of psychological measurements (e.g., self-reports, observational strategies, qualitative assessments), and testing components (i.e., elements of test construction, administration, scoring, and interpretation). All of these elements influence a test's power to detect constructs of interest.


Book coverSelf-Care for Mental Health Students and Professionals by Scott Thomas Meier

This ebook shares and preserves the good work produced by University at Buffalo doctoral students who read the self-care book, Leaving It at the Office, as part of their advanced practicum course.  Online links for the two editions of this book precede the preface. In our doctoral practicum course, students summarize and lead class discussions about each chapter, and these summaries are presented by chapter. Consequently, we used the chapters of this book as the framework for our ebook.


Book coverIntellectual Curiosity and the Role of Libraries: The first and second year college experience, Cynthia Tysick and Tiffany Walsh, editors.

Intellectual Curiosity and the Role of Libraries explores how first and second year college students develop intellectual curiosity through library experiences. Such experiences can shape one's undergraduate career, and include interactions with library spaces, instruction, relationships, services, and outreach. This collection of works was carefully curated to provide unique, meaningful, and personal narratives from librarians related to the first/second year college student experience. 


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