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Affordable & Open Educational Resources: SUNY Create

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024 1:51 PM

Introduction to SUNY Create

What is SUNY Create?​

  • Access to popular content management systems (Wordpress, Omeka Classic, Omeka S, Scalar, and many more!)​
  • Storage space​
  • Analytics tools ​
  • Many other web development tools​

Where does it come from?​

  • Reclaim Hosting: Domain of One’s Own​
  • SUNY OER services​
  • Stacy Snyder is the campus administrator​
  • Support has three levels: campus, SUNY, and Reclaim Hosting 

What is included?

  • Content Management Sites​
    • Wordpress, Grav, Drupal, Omeka​
  • Other apps:​
    • Forums, education-based apps (OER)​
  • File Management and Storage​
  • Domain Services​
  • Create subdomains, reroute/map domains​
  • and more!​
    • Various modes of support, account management, one stop click for access​

Getting a SUNY Create Account ​

  • Request an Account​​
  • Approval​: Your request will be forwarded to Stacy, who will send you a confirmation email with further instructions​
  • Pick a Domain Name​: Choose a domain you like and can live with​
  • Install Applications​: SUNY Create has four featured applications listed, but there are many, many more that can be used​
  • Create​: Gather your content and put it all together

Stacy Snyder

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Stacy Snyder
420B Lockwood Library, North Campus