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Buffalo and Western New York in Maps: Buffalo

This guide summarizes UB Libraries' local map holdings, and provides an extensive list of digitized maps for the region, as well as additional sources. Please note this consolidates two local map guides previously hosted on the UB Libraries' website.
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2021 12:17 PM

Online Maps

Selected List of Buffalo Maps Online

Buffalo City Government Maps

Orienteering Maps

Topographic maps used for people who use compass or GPS equipment to practice ground navigation. The following examples were produced for the Buffalo Orienteering Club:

Additional Resources for Buffalo Maps

The city of Buffalo, N.Y., 1880. (Library of Congress)

Bird's eye view of Buffalo city

Edward Howard Hutchinson. The City of Buffalo, N.Y. (1880). Image Source: Library of Congress.

Buffalo, 1894 (Retrieved using USGS topoView)

Topographic map of Buffalo and Lake Erie

Henry Gannett and H.M. Wilson. Buffalo, NY (1894). Image Source: USGS Topoview.

Buffalo, 1903 (David Rumsey Map Collection)

blue beige and green atlas map


Rand McNally and Company. Buffalo (1903). Image Source: David Rumsey Map Collection.


There are many print and digital sources for Census maps and data available. In addition to the below notable resources, be sure to visit the UB Libraries' Census Resources guide.

Access Note

Many of the individual maps listed chronologically have been digitized by other libraries and institutions. Please visit the following websites to view their extensive collections: